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Featured Product: Raksmey

Cambodian. Pursat wild-harvested. 
Incense grade raw materials (see here).
Could it get any better?

This is one of those unusual cases where the yield was exceptionally high, lowering the cost per gram.

Raksmey is the iconic aroma of wild Pursat oud. Lots of purple florals, blood-red raspberry wine, and fiery cinnamon.
But unlike most Cambodian/Thai ouds extracted from younger cultivated trees, here you have the pretty top notes...


Featured Blog Post: Cambodia Chapter 2

’nuff said… is posting about it even necessary? Perhaps not, as the name itself is the selling point. But I’m sure you are all wondering how things are coming along.

Ol, our seasoned distiller, has been in this business for thirty years — and was one of the four key figures during the golden era of Cambodian oud. Before him, his forefathers were in this business as well.

When I arrived at Phnom Penh airport, I was first greeted by Ol’s jolly kid brother, and as we stepped out of the airport...



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