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Featured Product: King Koh Kong

As is the case with most oud oils extracted from large agarwood chips and chunks, this oil has a lustrous silky aroma that starts off understated, and comes to life after you apply it. It 'glows' carrying up wafts of intoxicating oudy goodness to your nose when you least expect it.

There are no chirpy, bubbly, overly-fruity notes. Yes, there are fruity undertones, but unlike most Cambodian ouds which have a strong scent of ripe fruits (often verging on fermentation), here they are of the dried-fruit variety: sticky currants, figs, and prunes aplenty.
The overall character of this oud is very mature, dark and...


Featured Blog Post: Crafting King Koh Kong

Be part of the experience, with this 'behind the scenes' look at what went into conducting our most awesome Cambodian distillation ever.

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