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Featured Product: Chamkeila

Shano ShokatNo floral or fruity accents to speak of. Honey, yes. A ton of musk (Chamkeila is 'clean' yet more indolic than the ripest deer musk macerated in the most sensuous jasmine oil). And most importantly: tobacco (pouch tobacco as well as hooka-style candied tobacco), henna and warmed spices.

Genuine Assamese oud is much like genuine Koh Kong oud, in that they both have hefty dosages of tobacco and spices. I for one have wondered if there's a reason behind this, its interesting that Assam in India and Koh Kong in Cambodia both produce agarwood that share these same scent notes. And its oils from precisely these two regions that have gained a reputation in the market like...


Featured Blog Post: Assam: An Exposé

Assam"Today, getting genuine, wild, Assamese jungle wood is next to impossible. Those of you who are aware of the bizarre methodology by which I have to operate to approve a batch of Indian wood (wild Indian is hard enough, let alone Assamese Indian) know its like none other, not even wild Vietnamese.
But time and time again, Jahir Bhaia has proved himself. He’s one crazy guy, still searching for Indian oud in the wild, not exactly the most lucrative business to be in, in India these days. But if it wasn’t for crazy guys like him, you and I would never get to experience truly wild Indian oud."



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