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Featured Product: Samrosa

Whereas King Koh Kong is like a stately dignified king, Samrosa is like his sprightly queen - more flamboyant and lively, always the attention-grabber at royal functions, but still unmistakably regal.

The top notes are more vibrant and diffusive. The fruity notes are ever so slightly amplified and fleshier (and the figs are replaced by dried cherries), the tobacco and spicy notes are softer, and there's an extra dose of burnt toffee.

For all intensive purposes, this is Royal Pursat's Koh Kong cousin.


Featured Article: What is Oud / Agarwood?

Agarwood OudAlso known as agarwood, aloeswood and jinkoh, oud is Nature’s most exquisite fragrant offering. 

Deep in a Far Eastern jungle, an evergreen tree is attacked by fungus-carrying insects that bore into the tree. Much like our bodies’ immune system produces white blood cells, the tree starts producing a substance to combat the infection.
Over the years, the infection grows – as does the substance the tree produces. This is agarwood...



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