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Featured Product: Lao One

This oud is of the barnyard genre — a genre that many know I have some reservations about. But this is not just any barnyard, this is tastefully done barnyard. All the right scent notes presenting themselves in all the right proportions. All cranked up, and yet packaged in grace and decorum. Its a rather excellent barnyard style oud, and easily among the top 3 or 4 I have smelled.

The opening has the pasteural and equine-leather notes of Indian oud, together with the warmed spices and rich creamy woods that emerge as Indian oud develops on the skin. But what's truly marvelous is how the scent evolves...

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Featured Blog Post: Sabaidee Laos!

6 months ago, before I started hearing about this from reliable sources, I would have dismissed this as a joke.

Last week, the most I could be convinced of, was the existence of some human-planted agarwood trees in some jungles.

Today, as I’m typing this, having seen, held, and smelled genuine wild Lao agarwood… I can tell you that I was as shocked as you probably are reading this...

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