Agar Aura

There are few things in life as exquisite and uplifting as the intoxicating ambiance that envelopes your very being, when you create the Agar Aura.

For this, you will need oud chips, a fine oud oil, and some patience.

First moisturize those parts of your body which you will scent with the oud smoke. Arab women customarily moisturize their necks, faces, and the nape area, and we advise the same.

Start by burning the oud chips, and let the scent of the oud smoke absorb into your skin and hair, and beard. Hold the mabkhar, or the incense holder, above your clothes to waft it with the fragrance which will scent it for days.

To learn the art of burning chips, please see our article, how to burn oud chips.

After you have sufficiently scented yourself and your clothes with the oud smoke, proceed to applying the oud oil.

Depending on your mood, and the reason for creating the Agar Aura, you may want to apply the oil liberally if you will be going to a social gathering thereafter, or you may wish to apply only a small amount for your own personal enjoyment.

As the smoky note recedes to the background, the rich smell of the oud resin left on you from the smoke will emerge, and will delight your senses for hours to come. The combination of the radiating scent from the oud chips with the intoxicating smell of the oud oil will have give your senses a treat they seldom receive.

Enjoy the Agar Aura, the olfactory work of art! Your masterpiece.


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