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Oud, Aloeswood,
or Agarwood is more than just a certain class of fragrance. While many people have the incorrect notion that oud is supposed to be a strong, leathery, woody smell, you will soon discover that this is gross misinformation.

For example, Indonesian oils are virtually devoid of any leathery notes. Instead, they have a rich resinous and woody-fruity-floral smell that would surprise many users of mainstream 'conventional' oud oils that have harsh leathery smells.

We suggest you look at the different oils' descriptions in our product catalog. You will realize from the product descriptions just how much the smells can vary from region to region.

The best place to start if you are new to oud is to purchase 0.15 g samples of our oud oils. You will realize that each oil is unique, in scent and character.

Also, check out our article Oud by Region to get an idea of what oils from different regions have to offer.


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