Central Papua

Corner to corner, Papua Island is the largest agarwood-producing land mass. Unknown to many, there are actually quite a lot of species and subspecies of agarwood that grow here, and so it should come as no surprise that there is a staggeringly broad spectrum of scent profiles depending on which part of the island the agarwood trees were from.

This batch of incense sticks features an aroma that for me personally, is UP there on the sentimental value scale. Its not a dainty and delicate smell like, say, Nha Trang agarwood. Quite the opposite. This, ladies and gentleman is the aroma of non-swamp Aquilaria Filaria. Dignified, assertive, and utterly masculine.

Whereas today, Aquilaria Filaria swamp wood fished out of the marshes of Merauke has given Filaria agarwood the (well-deserved) reputation of being the absolute lowest quality out of all agarwood varieties, above-ground Filaria was an entirely different beast. Almost all of it was scooped up by the Chinese market, leaving the swamp scraps for the rest of the world.

Light the stick at one end very briefly, without letting it ignite. You will notice a faint trail of smoke rising. Inhale this... and you will notice it is identical to the aroma of our old oil, Sultan's Succor.
Now light the stick again, but let it ignite and then blow out the flame. As the scent spreads around the room, you will realize... it is literally 100% identical to the aroma of Syed's Succor! You gotta smell it to believe it.
So if that was an oil that made you feel like a king when you swiped some on, you will be delighted to find that now your entire space can smell like it too.

Compared to the likes of agarwood from, say, Cambodia or India, Papua species of agarwood are naturally higher in resin content in comparison to the oil content. And so these sticks impart an excellent 'sticky' long-lasting fragrance due to the high resin-to-oil ratio.

This is just a pilot batch, and if our incense products are well-received, then I plan to present more species and varieties from this island, including a fine batch of New Guinea wood which I am tempted to make easy-to-use incense cones with excellent for smoking your clothes with, saturating them with its fragrance that lasts for days.

Scent notes: baked dates, pine, ambergris, dry wood, bittersweet resin, bittersweet finish.

Product Information:
Batch: CP1
20 grams per tube
Stick length: 20cm
Burn time: 30-40 minutes
Ingredients: Agarwood, makko powder

A flat-bed incense holder (like this) with a base layer of ash or charcoal powder is strongly recommended. When burnt like this, non-combustive heat from the glowing cherry spreads in a wider circumference, coupled with a staggered combustion rate (i.e. longer burn). The result is a magnificent emphasis on the pristine aroma of the oleoresin with less smokiness, and it will really show you the excellent quality of the agarwood that went into making these sticks.

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