Hainan Special K

Ready to step into the big boys' field?

If you've been following our releases for some time, you'll notice I have distilled some oils which I donned with the title 'Special K'. These were oils from various countries which, although not true Kinam/Kyara, were hauntingly close to it. I have always stressed that this was not due to clever distillation tricks, but rather it was because the raw material, the wood, itself possessed 'Special K' streaks - overlaps with the Kyara scent profile.
All I did was all I ever do: simply extract the truest essence of the wood, without trying to one-up the true scent.

Hainan Special K gives you the chance to experience a Special K batch of agarwood firsthand. I want to make it clear: this is NOT actual Kyara, however it is so amazingly close to the scent of Kyara that its pretty much the most cost-effective way for you to scent your space with what is easily the most precious aroma on earth. Your room will smell like you just roasted a handful of straight Kyara chips.

Considering the prohibitive cost of true Kyara (up to $55,000,000 per pound of wood), regular folks like me and you can only dream of heating enough Kyara to allow our entire space to smell like it.
Well, until now. With these sticks, you come as close as possible to that experience... at a fraction of the cost.

Product Information:
Batch: HA1
20 grams per tube
Stick length: 20cm
Burn time: 35-45 minutes
Ingredients: Agarwood, makko powder

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