Khmer Special K - Cambodian oud oil

Khmer Special K

So you thought Cambodian oud HAS to be tutti fruity.
Don't blame yourself - up until now, all Cambodian oud oils in the market have indeed had a dominant fruit element (in various degrees, of course). In fact our most recent prior Cambodian oud release, L'Essentiel Cambodgien, was just about the fruitiest oud you ever smelled.

Well, I'm here to tell you, that's NOT always supposed to be the case.
Khmer Special K is the purest expression of Cambodian oleoresin. Not just that, but this oil was extracted from a very special batch of wild Koh Kong agarwood, which I traveled long and far just to get a hold of. It is one of five very special 'Special K' batches of agarwood: insanely awesome batches of agarwood that displayed stunning streaks of Kinamic awesomeness — hence the K in 'Special K'.
And there’s virtually no fruit here.

Is it a case of clever tricks or auxiliary notes? Far from it. This is the purest unwarped expression of Cambodian oud oleoresin, like you've never smelled before.
From our previous offerings, the finest Cambodian oud was Royal Pursat, followed by King Koh Kong.
Khmer Special K is nothing like them, nor like ANY other Cambodian oud, for that matter. And it runs circles around all the Cambodian oud oils I have ever smelled before.

Many of you by now have probably smelled a few different specimens of Kyara (Kinam). All have probably been of Vietnamese origin.
What's the only Kyara, of Japanese-acknowledged origin, that almost no one today has ever smelled? Cambodian.
Well folks, here is your chance to discover what that smells like. No, this isn’t kyara. But it is so hauntingly reminiscent of Cambodian kyara (and in the form of an easily wearable oil), that you won't feel like you missed out on raw Cambodian kyara.

The aroma: green resin and sweet wood, with a backdrop of the smoothest pansy purple that emerges about half an hour after application. Virtually no fruits, no florals, or other accessory notes to speak of. Of course, no barn.
No soak smell, no pot smell, no condenser smell, no flame smell.
Basically, no auxiliary notes here. Zero. Zilch.

Just as the flavor of strawberries cannot be likened to any other fruit, so too I cannot compare the aroma of this oil to any common metaphors which could help you guesstimate what it smells like. It is simply a reflection of Cambodian kyara, that is the best descriptor.

Like her 'Special K' sisters of other countries, Khmer Special K was lovingly hand-cooked by me. The level of care and attention paid to the distillation would certify me as clinically insane by any psychologist.

Four ingredients... sweat, tears, sleepless nights, and most importantly: awesome agarwood.
I hope you will love this oud as much as the love that was put into crafting it.

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