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If you love frankincense, you're in for a real treat.

Place a high quality frankincense tear on top of an ash-covered live coal, and you will have one of the most therapeutic olfactory experiences. 
But when it comes to frankincense essential oils or perfumes with frankincense "notes", you find that its just not the same. Oud Lubani presents the most accurate scent that captures the frankincense burning experience.

Three different frankincense products were used in crafting this blend. Fine copper-distilled Omani frankincense oil provides the bright citrusy top notes, boasting that unmistakable quality that makes Omani frankincense the most prized in the world. Aged Dhoop (Ayurvedic Indian frankincense) oil is the secret behind the wonderful smokiness. It is the lack of this smokiness that sets typical frankincense-inspired perfumes apart from the real thing. And finally, actual molten Yemeni frankincense was painstakingly infused into the blend, giving Oud Lubani a three-dimensional quality that fully encompasses every aspect of the frankincense burning experience.

An aged, dark and woody Indian oud anchors the vibrant and zesty frankincense top notes. There are no barnyard notes here; by the time the bright citrusy-balsamic frankincense begins to soften, you only encounter the oud's rich drydown of sweet golden hay, spices, and creamy woods.

Far from the gloominess of an incense-laden cathedral or the mind-numbing sharpness of straight frankincense essential oil, Oud Lubani boasts the vibrant richness you would only encounter in a lavish sultan's private quarters.

What customers said about this product:

It arrived just 15 minutes ago and I'm already reeling in its scent.  This is the best mukhallat you've created since Oud Chypre, in my opinion, and you're really allowed the incense notes to breathe in this one, which makes all the difference.  The opening is almost fruity with all the lemony-piney incense and the oud is still there in the background like a woody censer.  This is so good I ordered a second bottle.
C.S. (USA)

Ok. Received my little BoJ (bottle of joy) yesterday. Taha, you've done it again. 
Put some on yesterday afternoon and like you said, I could still smell the frank after this morning's shower. And I don't care -- it smells incredible. Wearing it again today. I'm a happy guy.
E.S. (USA)

Been wearing this day after day after day. Can't get enough of that frankincense/sandalwood/oud combo -- good thing I have a 2nd bottle on the way!
E.S. (USA)

I tried Oud Lubani, as soon as I put it on, I immediately remembered your description of theraputic, which is very appropriate. The blending of the different frankincense's is amazing, and I love the journey from citrus to smokiness to creamy woods. This one is very different from your other mukhallats and I love it. Another great addition to the collection!
S.K. (USA)

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