Al-Syed Mahabali

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"Al-Syed" = this oil was hand-cooked by me (100% pure copper distillation),
"Mahabali" = distilled from exactly the same Mokokchung, Nagaland wild Indian agarwood as our Mahabali v1 (even the same soak parameters for the wood, prior to distillation).

And so, Al-Syed Mahabali is quite literally the non-identical twin of Mahabali v1. And it also happens to be the very first Indian oud oil I hand-cooked myself.

What you can expect from this oil is everything that you loved in Mahabali further refined, and stripped of about half the auxiliary scent notes, but boasting the very same Nagaland DNA at the core.
Switch the chocolate for a mouthwatering cherry-almond note, the leather for soft suede, and crank up the inky black agarospirol at the base ("wood liquor"). Now wrap it all up in a a softer-than-silk packaging, that is Al-Syed Mahabali.

If you have tried other oils hand-cooked by me, you will have an even better idea of this oil's aroma.
(Note: if you have smelled Abdus-Samad Al-Qurashi's "120 year old" Kalakassi (original batch), or our Purana, those are the closest in scent to this batch)

Even though the wood was deliberately cooked using 'rougher' Gen4 parameters to capture the old school Indian oud flavor, I ensured that as I was distilling, everything was done with utmost care and attention to every single detail.

Its all about the details, the 'minutiae'.
Trivial to some. But the sole reason behind the resplendence of this oud, is none other than the attention to the minutiae. I was never more than 10 yards away from the pot the entire time this oil was cooking (and right next to it for over 90% of my waking hours, I kid you not). Add to that the fact that the distillation setup had no automatic hydrosol-refeed system... and you will begin to realize how much care and passion were required to see this distillation through to the end.

I have deliberately left up the description and review tabs of Mahabali v1 so you can read and then compare those to Al-Syed Mahabali.

One batch, crafted by one of the last few veteran distillers in India.
One batch, crafted by yours truly.
Which one do you like more? Let the voting begin!

Mahabali is one out of only 3 oud oils we have ever crafted, that falls under a unique category that is one of the rarest you ever come across.
I like to call it 'barn without barn'.

Strictly speaking, this is a Gen4 oud oil (read more about that here). However, like only a couple other distillations, Mahabali is an oud that grabbed the reigns the moment the oil started dripping into the collector, and shaped for itself an aromatic profile that was completely unexpected, and way, way more than the sum of its parts.

Typically, folks who have climbed the oud ladder ultimately graduate to the stage where they're able to appreciate and enjoy the barnyard genre of Indian oud oils. For most people though, oud oils with animalic, feral and other funky notes.. simply aren't fit for wearing as perfume.

Mahabali changes that paradigm.
This is an oud oil that delivers all of the satisfaction of barnyard-genre oud... without the barn. The moment you swipe it on, your nose might think it detects barn. The resemblance to the deep bellowing base of fermented (barnyard) oud is uncanny.
Hint: imagine the finest traditional Indian ouds, aging for decades having mellowed the barnyard smell to reveal the rich base. And now, imagine even that mellow barnyard element eliminated.

Fermentation of the raw material, as a tool in distillation, is something that opens up vistas in the scent profile that otherwise remain locked up. But the downside of fermentation, of course, is the permanent warping of the oud oil's scent profile.

For crafting Mahabali, there was no fermentation of the raw material. In fact microbial activity of every sort was kept at bay, for every step of the process. What you smell in this oud is the sheer energy that the raw material itself possessed. And part of that energy is what you typically only experience in fermented/funky Indian oud oils, but here of course there's no funk.

Mahabali was distilled using wild-harvested agarwood from the mountains surrounding Mokokchung, Nagaland. The Gen4 style of cooking shaped its 'mountain oud' aroma in such a way that it changed the daintiest of all Indian aloes (Nagaland) into quite literally the most intense, teeth-numbing, mind-spinning Agar Aura oud of all times (past, present, and stocked future oils included). The depth of the aroma is such that just when you think you've finally reached the bottom of it, you discover it goes even further.
It surpasses even Hindi Brut in its ability to make you light-headed, transporting your mind to a different space (unlike the former, Mahabali not only boasts Gen4 richness, but also comprises of every single aromatic fraction of the oleoresin).

Dark-roasted hazelnuts, dark-roasted cacao beans, scorched spices, hay, and rubbed wood, doused in inky black Agarospirol.
This is one serious heavy-weight oud.

What's the most enjoyable stage of barnyard-genre oud oils? Its when the funky top notes fade away, and the rich base starts to bloom.
Mahabali is that base, from beginning to end.

If you're generally averse to funky Indian ouds, there's no question that your collection needs Mahabali. Now you can experience the same psychoactive effects that diehard fans of funky Hindis live for, without the steep learning curve... and without the funk.
Mahabali is one of my fav ouds you have made - phenomenal Hindi/Indian style, but yet, only naturally animalic, no fermented funk..

This oils satisfies my Hindi craving very well. Yes it has that clean AA style but it's not all politeness. It kicks some major bahookey and I love it.
P.O. (USA)

Effectivement, superbe. Très proche, pour moi de mahabali. Le frère (mahabali) et la sœur (kalyani), oui ... Mahabali me semble peut-être plus complexe, changeante et surprenante. Elle a une sorte d'odeur mentholée qui je ne détecte pas chez kalyani. Cependant, je ne sais pas vraiment que je préfère!

The same traditional feel to it with more brightness and spice compared to the dark honeyed notes of shano. Traditional Hindis are favourite...and this somehow gives me all the satisfaction to be had in a funky hindi..without the 'funk'.
T.G. (Dubai)

Mahabali profond et excellent pour les accrocs au huile indienne et en meme temps pour les non adeptes qui ne supporte pas les oud indien classiq très bonne huile masha ALLAH .
A.T. (France)

I must say this is one of the best stuff i've smell for a long time. Just love it. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. Awesome stuff.
S.O. (Mauritius)

MAHABALI...! Super , comme tu le devines , il correspond bien à mes goûts. Moi , je le compare à Hindi 1 , mais effectivement , comme tu le dis très bien , il va directement sur l'essence même de ce oud brut sans grange... Si je n'avais pas hindi 1 , j'aurais pris immédiatement une bouteille pleine.Il est vraiment merveilleux
J.S. (France)

I like Mahabali a lot, it has the clean purity of your new generation distillations, it combines the resinous spice of Lalitya, the earthy barny-ness of Shano Shokat and the crisp indoles of Chamkeila, beautiful oil.
L.W. (USA)

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