Mysore sandalwood

Mysore Sandalwood

Yes, Agar Aura's primary focus is agarwood. But vintage Mysore sandalwood is something one simply cannot pass up.

These Mysore sandalwood sticks are the first in our sandalwood series ('listening grade' cones to come soon).
This batch features one of the two well-known scent profiles found in Mysore sandalwood. The scent of this batch is closer to the raw material used for crafting our old hand-crafted sandalwood oil, Tan Xiang No.1 (and 2). Namely, super duper creamy.
The cones, on the other hand, are closer in scent to Byakudan No.1.

Round, creamy and buttery, these sticks will fill your space with the rich sweet aroma of top shelf vintage Mysore sandalwood. Since sandalwood is significantly less expensive compared to agarwood, what you are getting is extremely high quality for a fraction of the price (of comparable agarwood). These are literally the highest quality sandalwood sticks I can offer.

Light up a stick and set it in your incense casket. Now relax, close your eyes, and enjoy the scent of Mysore's finest, as it takes over your room... and your senses.

Product Information:
Batch: MS1
20 grams per tube
Stick length: 20cm
Burn time: 35-45 minutes
Ingredients: Sandalwood (santalum album), makko powder

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