Nha Trang

Nha Trang (pronounced Neeya Tshang) is easily the single most prized region in the entire agarwood-producing world.
From its kinams and clay agarwood varieties to even its 'regular' agarwood, there is almost no agarwood held in more esteem in the circles of the finickiest connoisseurs than wild agarwood from this small region in central Vietnam.

If you have never experienced the aroma of raw Nha Trang agarwood bubbling on a censer, now with these convenient sticks you have no reason to miss out on this rare treasure.
These incense sticks are straight raw agarwood with just enough Makko powder to hold the stick together. And they will show you what all the Nha Trang fuss is about. Utterly regal, classy, strong yet 'pretty' and smooth, now you can (conveniently!) fill your space with the aroma that the wealthiest connoisseurs pay top dollar for.

Scent notes: cherry preserve, cool camphoric halo, bittersweet dry tea leaves, gooey resin, sweet finish.

Product Information:
Batch: NT1
20 grams per tube
Stick length: 20cm
Burn time: 35-45 minutes

Ingredients: Agarwood, makko powder

A flat-bed incense holder (like this) with a base layer of ash or charcoal powder is strongly recommended. When burnt like this, non-combustive heat from the glowing cherry spreads in a wider circumference, coupled with a staggered combustion rate (i.e. longer burn). The result is a magnificent emphasis on the pristine aroma of the oleoresin with less smokiness, and it will really show you the excellent quality of the agarwood that went into making these sticks.

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