Agar Aura

Creating the Agar Aura

There are few things in life as exquisite and uplifting as the intoxicating ambiance that envelopes your very being, when you create the Agar Aura...
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What is Agarwood / Oud? What is Oud/Agarwood?

Also known as agarwood, aloeswood and jinkoh, oud is Nature’s most exquisite fragrant offering.
Deep in a Far Eastern jungle, an evergreen tree is attacked by an infection...
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Agarwood / Oud by Region

Oud Oils by Region

When you smell the different varieties of oud we offer, you may be surprised at how all the oils can be oud and yet have such different characters...
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Agarwood / Oud by Region

Oud Wood by Region

Just as oud oils from different regions have unmistakably unique scent profiles, so too do oud wood chips from different regions when they are burned..
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