The Agar Aura Collection

Artisanal Oud Oils & Hand-Crafted Attars

Oud Oils

Dive into the shoreless seas of the most precious fragrances you can acquire: 100% pure oud oils.
Ranging from earthy and musky to airy and ethereal, each oud oil is a journey in a bottle.

wild Indian oud oil



Origin: India
Salient quality: soothing
wild Indonesian oud oil



Origin: Aceh, Indonesia
Salient quality: engaging

Sri Lankan Oud Oil



Origin: Sri Lanka
Salient quality: exhilarating

Oud Attars

Agar Aura's Attars are 100% natural full-strength perfume oils, made using oud and other essential oils.
Rich, exotic and mysterious – they are sure to mesmerize you and those around you.
Kinam Attar

Kinam Attar


Genre: Oriental
Salient notes: wood, resin

Oud attar mukhallat



Genre: Arabian
Salient notes: wood, smoke, rose

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