The Agar Aura Collection

Artisanal Oud Oils & Hand-Crafted Attars

Oud Oils

Dive into the shoreless seas of the most precious fragrances you can acquire: 100% pure oud oils.
Ranging from earthy and musky to airy and ethereal, each oud oil is a journey in a bottle.

Wild Laos Oud Oil



Origin: Laos
Salient quality: captivating
Wild Sumba Island Oud Oil

Sutera Sumba


Origin: Indonesia
Salient quality: engaging
Wild Cambodian Oud Oil



Origin: Cambodia
Salient quality: tranquilizing

Oud Attars

Agar Aura's Attars are 100% full-strength perfume oils, made using oud and other essential oils.
Rich, exotic and mysterious – they are sure to mesmerize you and those around you.

Oud attar mukhallat

Cuir Chypre


Genre: French
Salient notes: leather, wood

Oud Incense

Agar Aura's all-natural incense products are straight up wild agarwood with just a dash of makko (natural binder) to hold them together. No fillers, no chemicals, no funny business. Now your space can smell as good as you.
Natural agarwood incense

Nha Trang No.2


Origin: Nha Trang, Vietnam
Salient quality: tranquilizing
Level: ●●●●
Natural agarwood incense

SOLD OUTMysore Sandalwood


Origin: Karnataka, India
Salient quality: soothing
Level: ●●●●●

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