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Far East

Including Brunei, parts of Malaysia, and Indonesia, this is the oud lover's paradise.

Far Eastern ouds of the Aquilaria Malaccensis species are predominantly resinous-woody in nature, with hints of fruity or floral notes.
However, other species have very different characters including deep woody, incense-y and herbal.

Far Eastern ouds are generally uplifting and elating, light and pleasing to most.


India is the home of the classic oud, Aquilaria Agallocha. Famed from Biblical times, Indian oud has not only been used for its scenting quality, but also in traditional medicine.

Indian oud oils are characterized by a pronounced sweet leather opening note, which evolves into a rich, spicy, and sweet woody smell.

Oud oils of Indian origin have a grounding effect, and are soothing and calming.



Indochinese ouds are primarily of the Aquilaria Crassna species. Its typical scent spectrum includes notes like fruity, tobacco, pine, smoky and woody.

However, there is no 'classical' Indochinese oud smell, as the Crassna species includes fragrances that are tranquilizing much like the Indian variety, but also those that are sharp and zesty.

High quality specimens are very rare.


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