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Every order is subject to the straightforward shipping & returns policies below. By placing an order, you agree to comply with the following:


Aramex / Fedex
- Dispatched within 1 business day
- 100% secure
- Tracking number provided
- Delivered within 1-4 business days

In more detail:
Delivery typically takes 2 business days to reach Asian and Australian destinations, and 3-4 business days to reach Europe, Africa and the Americas. Packages are dispatched with a tracking number and you are fully protected against losses/damages.

Important note about crystal bottles:
Whereas the majority of our customers prefer to get sturdy bottles (the "2.5g Plain Glass Bottle" option), some of you may want a more beautiful bottle to house your precious oils. For this reason, the "3g Crystal Bottle" option is available.
Please note that these bottles are much more delicate. Although we will cover any possible damage incurred during package transit, we request that you be extra careful when handling these bottles after you've received them because of their delicate nature. As such, we are not able to compensate for any damage the bottle might incur from handling, after it has reached you safely and in tact.


We strongly believe in 100% satisfaction, and that is why we urge you to test samples before committing to full bottle purchases.
We are not able to accept returns for any of our products due to the risk of contamination. And just as you would not want a used bottle of oud oil, you can imagine others would not either.

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