Tan Xiang No.2

Tan Xiang No.2

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Tan Xiang No.1.
That was an oil I distilled from an awesome batch of vintage Mysore sandalwood that I had acquired from a Chinese incense company. Her predecessor (Byakudan No.1) was pretty awesome too, but Tan Xiang No.1 got SO much love that it only made sense to make a Tan Xiang No.2 from the very same batch of wood.
And love or no love, I knew there had to be a second batch. After all, you don't see sandalwood oil extracted from sinking grade sandalwood every day!

Here's the twist though: unlike our first two sandalwood oils, Tan Xiang No.2 is a Gen4 oil.

Love the dry sweet ambient aroma of unburned sandalwood? And also love the aroma of gently heated sandalwood? Then you cannot miss out on the Gen4 variant, because it is precisely a combination of those two.
Tone down the top notes of No.1, boost the dry woody, deeper base notes, and I think that for many that equates to... awesome getting awesomer.

In the case of Tan Xiang No.1, some folks got a sample but missed out on getting a bottle (it was sold out within a week).
Others got a bottle.
Some got 10 bottles.
Some got 20.

Whether you got our previous batches, or will be experiencing an Agar Aura sandalwood distillation for the first time, one thing is for sure: Tan Xiang No.2 is an opportunity you don't get every day.

Our sandalwood distillations are collector's items in every sense of the term. They are not ready-made oils being resold, nor are they extracted from wood that is of questionable quality or origin.

If you're looking for an Agar Aura quality sandalwood distillation, extracted from vintage wood, from Mysore, and want to add a sinking-grade wood extract to your collection, well then... what are you waiting for?!

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