West Borneo

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Our West Borneo incense sticks are perfect for every-day use to scent your space guilt-free.

Unlike the species from the eastern regions of the island, most of the species of agarwood trees from the western portion are significantly more compact in size. But what they lack in size, they more than make up for with the sheer BANG factor a commonly observed phenomenon in species with dense wood fibers and high resin content (like the wood that went into these sticks).

I have often tried to emphasize the important (yet oft-overlooked) difference between 'grade' and 'quality'. Although grade-wise these sticks do not match our 4 and 5 star sticks, the quality is nevertheless very good. Try this little trick (and you can use this to gauge the true quality of any incense stick), hold a lighter to one end of the stick and light up, without letting the stick ignite. You will notice a faint trail of smoke rising from the singed stick. Inhale this smoke... and you will understand exactly what I mean by 'grade' vs 'quality'.

These sticks impart an aura of sophisticated maturity and sombreness. A samurai's private quarter comes to mind.

Scent notes: medicinal herbs, dark forest, antique wood, bittersweet resin, tangy finish.

Product Information:
Batch: WB1
20 grams per tube
Stick length: 20cm
Burn time: 30-40 minutes
Ingredients: Agarwood, makko powder

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