Oud Product

Cuir Chypre v2

Agar Aura's first Chypre parfum, Oud Chypre, despite the leather notes, was more of a woody Chypre. Cuir Chypre, on the other hand, features an aged Indian oud with a prominent sweet leather note that gives a whole new meaning to the term 'Leather Chypre'.

Bright and crisp top notes of frankincense, pine scotch and rose release into heart notes of aged patchouli and oak moss. Indian and Indonesian oud form an utterly dark and jungly base.

Cuir Chypre employs the finest natural aromatic ingredients that bequeath it a complex and broad scent spectrum that not only encompasses what other Chypre fragrances offer, but in fact brings something new to the table, thanks to the naturally complex oud oils at its heart.

Whereas our Oud Fougère camouflages a heavy oud dosage with its bright opening notes, Cuir Chypre is quite the opposite. With nearly half the composition comprising of very potent oud oils, the top and heart notes quickly evolve into the heavy hitting base of oud and oak moss.

After our Kinam Attar, this attar is the closest you'll get to a straight oud experience – but within the construct of a classic French parfum genre. Were it released by a renowned French perfumery house, Cuir Chypre would achieve an instant cult following.

Note: since only ingredients derived from natural sources were used, natural oakmoss (a crucial part of classic chypre fragrances) is part of this blend. Allergies to oakmoss are mild and extremely rare, but do exist.

When I read the description of Cuir Chypre I just knew it would smell amazing.
This is one of the best if not the best leather compositions I’ve ever smelled. I’m almost 10hrs in and the oud is still exploding but there is something else intertwined with it that is just out of this world. Nothing is rough about this attar at all. Longevity is a major plus and the sillage is on point. I keep getting these surprised whiffs of the leather as well which seems to stay consistent throughout its journey.
Z.C. (USA)

I'm actually sampling all of the mukhallats I recently picked up from you this week. Today was Cuir Chypre and it was fantastic! You know, the description said there was some rose and another floral I think and I didn't smell it all day but by near end of the working day I was smelling something I thought was someone else smelling good but I'm still smelling here and now and can't believe that 12 hours later there are still notes coming through. This is one cool concoction!
C.S. (USA)

THIS is the chypre I was looking for. While oud chypre was very nice as well, it smelled predominately of oakmoss on me and continue to do so in a linear fashion. Cuir chypre has such depth and I think it's the mix of Indian oud and leather that makes it so. The leather and indian oud balanced so well with the oakmoss... You did a fantastic job with this one.
Y.N. (USA)

I'm not big on leathers but this ... this stuff is gorgeous. The blend of Indian oud & oakmoss is fantastic; it really mellows out the more ... shall we say, non-Western ... elements of the oud's scent profile.
E.S. (USA)