Oud Product


One tree, two oils of different grades.
Jerai, together with her sister batch Royal Jerai (now sold out) are an excellent study for any serious oud enthusiast, who wishes to witness exactly what differences – in aroma and mind effects – arise from using wood of different grades for distillation.
What better way than to observe that, than experiencing two oils of different grades of wood, from the exact same tree.

As I've always firmly maintained, wood grade (not to be confused with wood quality) simply cannot be faked. Once you have wired your brain to identify oils distilled from high grade (i.e. dark) wood, you get hooked to the mind buzz those oils offer. And that buzz is something which, no matter how adept the distiller, simply cannot be induced into the oil using tricks and tweaks.

Jerai was NOT cooked from glistening black wood, it would be far costlier. As well, Jerai does not rank high in the mind buzz department. However, the quality (again, not to be confused with grade) of the wood was still excellent, and so if you wear oud primarily as perfume then you don't want to miss out on this oud.

Agar Aura distillations are painstakingly conducted to avoid introducing induced notes that aren't inherently in the wood itself.
This is the exact opposite of the majority of oud distillations in the world: distillers attempt to make oils that smells superior to the raw materials (typically low grade beige-color wood).

No doubt, a jump up in grade will always always, and I repeat, ALWAYS result in a more beautiful smelling oil, but if you have come to familiarize yourself with high grade Agar Aura Gen3 oils, and come to appreciate them for their most valuable feature, then you will know by now that the mind buzz factor is more important to me than the aroma.

But the two go hand in hand.

And so, it goes without saying that Royal Jerai was no doubt superior in scent as well as the mind buzz (yes, I the vendor am saying that straight up).

The urge was strong to throw in clever tricks and tweaks to make an oil that was 1+1=3.
Resisting that temptation though, I ultimately decided to solely tinker with the middle and tail-end heart notes to give them a little boost without tampering with the intrinsic aroma of the wood, and to try to match the aroma of the raw materials used for Royal Jerai (the very same tree after all, so technically not 'cheating' I convinced myself).

The scent: fuming Malaysian agarwood chips, I kid you not.
Tamarind, wok-roasted spices, syrupy resin and of course the signature cola note of Malaysian oud.
Whereas Royal Jerai zoomed in on all the intricate and 'pretty' nuances you find when attentively heating high grade agarwood with care, Jerai is a more 'general' aroma of bubbling Malaysian Aquilaria Malaccensis agarwood chips. So much so, in fact, that if you apply the oil to your clothes you'd almost wonder the next day if you applied an oud oil or fumigated your shirt with agarwood smoke.

If you want a high quality, wild-crafted, hand-made Malaysian oud oil that doesn't break the bank, Jerai is for you.