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I won't blame you if you think Kinabang smells like sick black bubbling Hainan island agarwood chips, and quite unlike any other Cambodian oud you've smelled before.
Kinabang's raw material, like Koh Song's, hails from a virgin jungle whose oud no one has smelled before. The agarwood was harvested from Battambang province right beside Lake Tonle Sap.

In terms of the wood, this is among our top 5 highest grade Cambodian distillations to date. And given the virgin nature of the jungle, it is easily the most ancient. It wasn't easy bringing the wood over to our factory in Malaysia, but we managed, and proceeded to conduct the first ever Battambang agarwood distillation right here.

Remember Bhamo? A favorite of our colleague Russian Adam (of Areej Le Dore), his first remark was about how ancient that oil smelled.
Kinabang has that very same 'agarwood petrichor' quality to it. Like cracking open an old wooden chest (made of agarwood, of course) after a century, to reveal old old agarwood chips with an awesome ambient aroma.

Kinabang has a lot of juxtaposing notes, a quality that makes it hard to resist gluing your nose to your wrist. There's a marzipan-like nutty creamy sweetness that contrasts with the bitter agarwood petrichor aroma. Milky bubble tea, bittersweet Chinese herbs. Honey and pollen, mentholated wood. Browned butter, crushed fennel. Crushed blackcurrant, oodles of golden sappy resin.

Kinabang is not your typical Cambodian oud. If you like collecting unusual oud oils, you can't miss out on this one.

Woowwwwwww immediately fell in love with this the moment I smelled it. Not sure on the yellow Kinam vibes yet but it’s definitely different.
A.R. (USA)

I understand the name now...
🤩 WoW the smell is addictive and very pretty, it remind me Siam 4K but more clear and distinctive !! I can’t describe more with words it’s really nice smell ! Very very pleasant, not agressive, easy to love brother ! No doubts, this is my favorite Cambodian oil brother, unusual, not too florals, very kinamic but soft! Not like Green Kyara, very woody, sweet yellow powdery like pollen !! I would love to infuse it in milk and honey ! I totally love it ! More than Siam 4K, maybe my favorite oil from you ! I can feel the shadow of Pailin special K but more strong in the good way ... really surprised about this oil ! I love it over the others that you sent me 🥰

Wow,Taha!I just tried KINABANG
It feels like KING K NAM.
L.F. (China>

For some reason Kinabang is giving me that kinamic aroma more than King (K Nam)
S.N. (Dubai)

AA Kinabang
💣 Bomb of Zen ! Smooth and warm milk chocolate that you are taking on the top of the mountains during winter snowfall ❄️ with creamy smell of the salted butter melting on my sugar waffle 🧇
Siam 4k soul, in Vsk body = KinaBang
S.T. (France)

Kinabang developing very fast ! From the first hour to the dry down, it’s absolutely not linear oil , no straight forward oil… lots of turns ^^
to me it share VSK vibe with Siam 4k and sk … with hint of Lao 4k…
Very nice oil
S.T. (France)

Kinabang is really nice Mashallah
S.A. (Saudi Arabia)