Oud Product


Kirana is one of the most beautiful Malaysian oud oils ever distilled.
Wild agarwood from the twin hearts of Malaccensis agarwood, the States of Perak and Kedah, were fused into one mind-blowing oil.

Ambery, thrumming, with an almost honey-floral glow... if you loved the rare 'golden' flavor of Berkilau, take note. Amber-toned flavors are extremely rare in Malaysian oud.

No barnyard obviously. No swampy or leathery notes either. The more typical rugged woody-bitterness of Malaysian Malaccensis is replaced with a juicier 'bitter with sweet edges' flavor.
(can you taste the effect of using old, resinated wood?)

Chords of honey, wild flowers and zesty wood dominate the opening, and the absence of green jungly notes gives it a continental oud vibe (think Cambodia or Vietnam). The thick tamarind and sweet cola creep in after a while, reminding you of Kirana's Malaysian origin, but half an hour into the scent progression... you sniff, then sniff again.
Is this Vietnamese? Is this kinam?

Kinam it is not, nor Vietnamese. But the overall orchestra is almost like a fusion of Malaysian and Vietnamese flavors.
And a sublimely beautiful one.

Distilled with love, and now sharing the love. Enjoy!