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Koh Kong Special K

mind blown

Eric's "mind-blown" meme pretty much sums up this oil. 

When Koh Kong 4K was released, one of the most common questions that I was asked was, "this oil smells so kinamic, why didn't you add the 'Special K' suffix to the name?", and my answer was always the same; it's not kinamic. 
It was merely the clarity and purity of the notes that, to some, made it seem so. The scent profile was in fact the most textbook definition aroma of Koh Kong oud. 

Now Koh Kong Special K, this oil here, is a whole 'nother story.
For starters, just from smelling it no one would be able to guess this oil was juiced from wood hailing from the infamous mountainous jungles of Koh Kong. Vietnam's Nha Trang would be the first guess, Hainan not far behind. Northeast Burma maybe a distant third.

Gone are the classic Koh Kong dried fig and prune. Perhaps the only remote aromatic connections this oil has to the famous Koh Kong profile are the English toffee and bittersweet tobacco notes.

This oil gleams with a brilliant golden glowing aroma reminiscent of yellow kinam (per the Chinese classification) and the smooth and rounded but cooling texture of black kyara (per the Japanese classification). 

Devoid of all fruity notes, in their stead, you find plenty of honeyed-sweet florals. Creamy milky vanillic woodiness, with a toffeelicious crust around the edges. A melange of tobacco, oolong and black tea leaves. Viscid resin, pepper and cinnamon, and cooling menthol crowning the scent palette. 

Koh Kong is Koh Kong. Or so you thought. 
This is 100% Koh Kong to the bone, as unconventional as Au Luong (another oil from the same jungle), but this time with the most precious scent profile we have ever juiced from any batch of wild Cambodian agarwood. 
Pure, quintessential K.

Cambodian oud in 4K ultra HD. A mind blowing creation that I simply cant describe..
S.O. (Saudi Arabia)

It’s a lovely, complex oil and I’m still getting a sense of it. I love “red” oils.
A.S. (USA)

This one will take some time to wrap my head around.
Really amazing
E.B. (USA)

This Koh Kong 4K is off the hook.
B.R. (USA)

Kk4K is gift from Allah
D.P. (India)

So i tried kk4k
complex man… starts with that bitter cambodi scent, but shortly after theres that tangy cambodi scent but surprisingly theres something like ginger in there as well. That pink i was speaking of isnt in the top anymore. After the mid it starts getting real sweet. like a powdery type of sweetness…
Now the drydown is like the 1st wisps of high quality oudh on the sub. i cant clarify which species but colorwise its reddish yellowish. Even has a honey quality
T.D. (USA)

KK4K - its Zabardust (sic: awesome)
Different from Pursat 4K which Both have that Bettle nut sweet fruity opening ... but where Pursat turns into yellow and green Kinamic whiffs... KK turns into more creamy berry milkshake kind of whiffs.... something I've never experienced but I love it....
D.P. (India)

The best kinamic note is the one I get in Koh Kong 4K ... that dry down is by far to my nose the best there is
D.P. (India)

Kk4k is my fav by far
V.D. (UK)

KK4K amazing
T.P. (USA)

KK4K from applicator have a very different texture, it’s more thick than Perampera who is more vaporous! KK is more opaque in his color too. It remind me a pudding with a delicate touch of almonds and vanilla.
kK also reminded me for something in it, maybe his texture, the viet series of Wanmei, Hensei, etc even Khmer special K. It’s not the same than condensed milk like those, but something in that direction.
S.H. (Canada)

I love the redness
A.P. (Dubai)

This is a very fine oil, love the red in it
J.W. (USA)

KK4K starts golden and moves to a subtle sweet milky smell that keeps you going back to that spot for sniff after sniff after sniff. UHHHMazing!
Z.W. (USA)

Koh kong 4k is something else. Never smelled cambodi like that one. It is really delicious.
I.S. (USA)

Mmmm, have a cherry cake/jam like smell so soothing and beautiful , shifts mood greatly top notch oil, sigh smelling this oil makes me wanna go back to vaping cherry cake lol...
B.A. (Kuwait)