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Koh Song

Not to be confused with the Koh Kong province in Cambodia, Koh Song is the southern-most tip of Myanmar.
And our Koh Song oil is the first-ever from this never-tapped-before region of virgin tropical jungles.

If there's one thing no distillation tricks and tweaks can mimic, it's the effects of sheer age – both in terms of the aroma as well as the mind zapping effects.
Given the virgin state of the jungles, this region of Myanmar was on my radar for our very own hunting projects. That was about 6 years ago. Alas, with the Rohingya genocides that erupted, the project was canceled and I bid farewell to the idea of ever smelling centenarian oud from the region - let alone distilling my own.

Someone else decided to tap the jungle though, and sure enough just as I suspected there were ancient agarwood trees with massive Super King grade formations (read: old old OLD agarwood). Fast-forward about a year and you have the first-ever Agar Aura Koh Song oil.

The aroma is like a kaleidoscope of various agarwood flavors, which is no surprise. With India to the west, Thailand to the east, and Malaysia to the south, Koh Song boasts scent notes of all three – and of course boasting unmistakable Myanma elements.
Opening with an intensely peppery-jungly green aroma (Malaysian), together with rugged wood (Thai), and leather with sun-warmed spices (Indian), you can't help but be amazed by the incredible richness and diversity of the scent palette.
There's that narcotic steely-purple floral musky thing going on, which is the hallmark of EVERY oud oil that was distilled from genuinely ancient agarwood above a certain grade (think Royal Lao or Royal Myanma). Then there's the umami duo of peppery tamarind and dry roasted chili, the unmistakable signature of the Kra Isthmus aka "The Devil's Neck" region and nowhere else. As if that wasn't enough, there's also that super-addictive bitter-sweet "poison" note you find in some Laotian and Myanma ouds.

Koh Song is a very 'busy' oil, certainly not one you should be reaching for when you want to meditate or relax. It is an attention-grabber that will yank you by the nostrils.
If you like turning heads when you're out, Koh Song is for you. Think of it like a black and gold baroque Versace blazer.
If you need to distract your mind from the stresses of life, Koh Song is the oil you should reach for.

An insanely rich (and unique) aroma, ridiculously tenacious longevity, and of course the wow factor of being the first-ever oil distilled from ancient agarwood harvested from a newly-opened jungle... Koh Song has it all.

Koh Song,👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Flower fragrance, fruit fragrance, leather... Heavy oil, very to my taste!
L.F. (China)

I love Kong song so much. This is absolutely to my taste!
He inherited the genes of India, Thailand and Malaysia.
L.F. (China)

Koh song is very nice
P.P. (Thailand)

Koh Song is exactly as you describe it… Cambodian, Hindi, Malay, and brumese !! ^^ it’s amazing that this smell all the profile 😅 smooth barn opening and falling drying
S.T. (France)