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Lao Gold

Kham Lao and Myanma Gold, two oils that were distilled early on when the world was just starting to see the Covid-19 virus as a global pandemic.
Both oils were immensely loved – as expected – and the reason for that was simple: Asian countries were faster to respond, and the way wood dealers responded was by letting go of large stocks of wood at massive discounts. And so, these oils were much cheaper than what they 'ought' to have costed if I had bought the raw materials for their regular market prices.

Lao Gold is in fact Kham Lao's fancier sister, but closer in grade (and 🧠⚡️ factor and overall 'feel') to Myanma Gold. So if you loved Kham Lao and Myanma Gold, there is no question you're going to love Lao Gold. A lot.

Distilled from wild agarwood harvested from close to the border with China's Yunnan province, Lao Gold boasts that soothing, mind-tickling, and deeply satisfying character of Chinese Aquilaria Sinensis oud.
Like her little sister Kham Lao but even more so, Lao Gold is OUD in all-caps.

As usual, no offensive animalic or butyric flavors in this wild Lao beauty. This is like taking Kham Lao and cranking up the tea, herbs, black pepper, cinnamon, and voluptuous golden oudy-resinous heart notes. Put in other words: even truer-to-life than Kham Lao, compared to the aroma of raw Laotian oud wood sizzling on your heater.
Without exception: the higher the grade of wood, the truer-to-life the oil's aroma is going to be.

Whether you're new to pure oud or a seasoned aficionado looking for a signature scent, Lao Gold is an oud oil that is sure to please one and all.

Ships by July 5

I think I just had a mystical experience after 6 hours of wearing lao gold.
It was like a total sense of peace and connection with my spirit it was brief while I was driving but indeed it was palpable.
Amazing stuff didn't think oud would be like this.
Amazing stuff brother
A.M. (Italy)

This has to be the booziest Oud oil I’ve ever experienced. If cinnamon apple was an essential oil, I would be convinced that it is the “top note” for this oil, along with the unmatched agar aura “mind buzz”.
In the heart I’m getting a rich, honeyed vanillic Oud, still containing some of that tartness from the apple. Breathing in deep I pick up toasted oak, a touch of cardamom, and slight kinamic buzz.
Finally in the base, I get a oolong tea facet of Oud, and that cedary bitterness only present in the highest quality ouds.
If somebody gave this to me blind, I would NOT guess that this is a single origin oil, in fact, I would assume that there has to be some mulakaht blending going on, it’s simply too complex to wrap my head around the fact that this oil is only Oud!
J.B. (USA)

This is truly one of the most delicious ouds I have ever smelled! Blessed to own a bottle
R.S. (USA)

Lao Gold is the best Laotian Oud I've encountered. Initially, its lovely fragrances reminded me of Thai and Cambodian oils, but quickly an amazingly luscious parade of resin notes arise. How it manages to present a full spectrum of exquisite light yet deep Oud scents is amazing. Uplifting, beautiful, and addictive!
H.F. (USA)

This is an absolutely beautiful oil. Zero barn here. I guess those claiming Laotian oud is the stinkiest, haven’t smelled this grade of oud whose beauty has been enhanced by the distillation method. Quite an uplifting, caffeine-rich goodness that sends shivers down my spine every single time! Roasted tea and herbs in the dry down are mesmerizing.
M.M. (Spain)

Lao gold is the best Laos oud I ever come across. Blessed to own it. Thank you
Y.S. (Saudi Arabia)

Laos Gold is absoulutely amazing
Totally complete experience. Bring back memories from childhood. My respects and keep on going!
A.C. (Portugal)

Also Amazing! From the small sample swipe I took, my immediate reaction was the most delicious cinnamon-apple smell I’ve ever experienced. I think I’ll have to swing for a bottle.
- Customer

Lao gold
S.T. (France)

I sent my Lao Gold sample to a friend who is absolutely stunned by how wonderful Laotian oud smells! 😍😍😍
M.M. (Spain)