Oud Product


Take it from me signed, stamped and sealed: in this day and age, it's virtually impossible to find a Malaysian oud oil like Mulia for this price. And considering the dismal state of affairs, with over 90% of wild agarwood hunters out of the game since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, almost outright impossible regardless of the price.

Her mighty siblings Royal Malaya and Cintaku were no doubt amazing; mind-zapping monsters fit to sit on the very top shelf of any oud connoisseurs. And yet... those same connoisseurs who got those 2 oils, couldn't help but fall in love with Mulia. Some even ended up ordering more than one bottle of it.

Mulia is, per Agar Aura vernacular, an "upper mid-grade" oud oil; distilled from wood that is not as costly as our top-tier oils, but still packing some mighty fine oleoresin.
This is the grade of oud which literally everyone can enjoy. There's enough of the buzzy sesquiterpenes to get serious oudheads beatifically bleary-eyed, and the cost of the oil (due to the lower wood cost) isn't as exorbitant which makes the oil more accessible for folks who just want something that smells awesome.
Needless to say, this grade is light-years ahead of the typical 'oil grade wood' which is the raw material of 99.99% of oud oils in the market.

The proof is of course in the pudding, and this happens to be one mouth-watering pudding.

If you love Malaya but find it hard to justify a full-bottle purchase, you'll be delighted to find that the overall 'feel' of the two oils is very close. The scent profile is closer to Cintaku, but it's like taking that oil and blowing fairy dust into it. Bright and sparkly, there's almost a white-ambergris type of shimmery, clean oceanic umami-ness lifting it up. Cintaku's cola is now 7Up, the dark green jungle now has wintergreen shrubs. There's a Borneo-esque breeziness but without sacrificing the deep dark oudy base, making the scent all the more dramatic and appealing.

Fizzy soda, deep jungly green, blue florals, black pepper, nutmeg-vanilla-cinnamon tamarind jam, and an addictive drydown of oud petrichor; Mulia is easily 'The' Malaysian oud that'll make you realize you why Malaysia is one of the two most favorite oud countries for most oud lovers.

Jungle green Malaysian vibes in the opening. Tons of buzzy sesquiterpenes. Bright golden honey. Cinnamon. Creamy ambered woods. Peppery Oud vibes. Hint of cola.
A.R. (USA)

Mulia has got that very cool 7up note in the drydown
V.D. (UK)

When I tried the different grades of Sik.. the mid Mulia IMO was a sesqueterpine bomb... I thought it was high grade... had the same piercing note
N.C. (USA)

Mulia is the oud that reminded me the most Ayu
S.H. (Canada)

Just swiped some of my sample of Mulia. Definte mind buzzing...
I wasnt planning on buying it but this is the best bang for buck I have smelled
A.Z. (USA)

Its potent and definitely has a buzz... bang for buck, deffo mulia i recommend it 100%
T.D. (USA)

The Mulia was the workhorse IMHO - it was strongest ‘buzz’ and took me for a ride ... still is ;-)
J.W. (USA)

Buzz is strong - I always feel like it’s easier to get the full effect out of a full bottle - scent wise
I find there is so much more to a full swipe - woody, dark, mysterious. Almost sweet like candy - with BUZZZZ🧠⚡
J.W. (USA)