Oud Product

Pursat Select

Hands down, second to none, agarwood from the Cambodian jungle of Pursat possesses the most archetypal aroma of Indochinese agarwood. Boasting the most neutral agarwood flavor and the least amount of secondary notes that come about due to variations in altitude and soil composition, Pursat personifies the essential 'marrow' of Indochinese oud.

Pursat Select was distilled with the sole aim of preserving that oudy marrow.

It opens with the aroma of liquified agarwood. And that's what it ends with.
There are literally zero fruity, floral, animalic, or any other auxiliary notes in this oud. Consider every single Cambodian, Laotian, and Vietnamese oud oil you have ever smelled. Strip them of ALL region-specific accents, as well as the accessory notes introduced by the hand of man.
You're left with a common core, the oudy marrow.
Now replace all the auxiliary scent notes with dollops of even more oudiness.
That is the scent of agarwood from Pursat. And that is the scent of Pursat Select.

No plums or figs. No citrus. No barnyard aromas. No nothing. Just straight up oudiness. A dignified bitter woody-resinous aroma, softened with gentle faintly-vanillic edges.

Oud oils from Malaysia and Laos are generally considered the oudiest, whereas oud oils from Cambodia (and Thailand) are typically considered the 'prettiest', least serious, and... the least oudy.
With one swipe, Pursat Select demolishes that notion.

super sexy sublime oud liqueur
projection amplifies at dry down…
it literally blooms on the skin…
with a powdery seductive oud halo…
pure warm sweet spicy aromatic sinking wood
maroon aura….
cranberry cherry cola
flashes of vanilla custard, dates, rose lassi, palmarosa..
clean harmonic ethereal woody cherry musk pipe tobacco cambodi.
love it!
S.G. (USA)

Pursat is out of this world! Really nice, so nice that it surprised me when I took the first whiff..
M.B. (USA)

Let me tell you I have never smelled such a presious smell like this before. I would like to hug you and say Jazakallahkhair for extracting such a smell olfactory. My blind purchase and trust paid off. Please let me know if you distil more quality cambodi oud. You made me your fan.
M.H. (UK)

Pursat select , I will say one thing and nothing else:
My wife doesn’t love Most of my ouds (she hate some
😡) but the day I tried PS she said:
I really like this one and for the first time she asked: what it is?!
I am not going to say more about PS .
My friend you are a real master,congratulations.
J.A. (Canada)

This to my nose smelt of pure, unadulterated burning wood. Deep, intense and a bit smokey.
M.I. (UK)

This one is a winner. Potent and mind numbing.
A.Z. (USA)

Pursat Select was an fantastic oil. Very soothing . The longevity of this oil was so good, at least 10 hours on my skin. I enjoyed much. I will definitely recommend to others. Thank you for your hard work.
R.L. (USA)

The Pursat select was great. I would be very happy with that as a daily wear.
W.H. (USA)

Typically, when we smell a Cambodian oil, there is this one scent in mind where it’s fruity and citrusy. The PS is absolutely not that and it is straight Oudiness at its best. The opening notes are straight Oudiness where you can gauge the agarwood used in this oil.
A.K. (USA)

All I can say is WOWwwwww
T.Q. (Singapore)

Very nice oil, to me it smells more Chinese like than Cambodian, some bitterness and sunshine with a note lurking that I cant quite pick, musk maybe or a hint of vanilla bean. But mostly just essence of oud.
N.S. (Australia)

I'd swear that from memory, Pursat select is like <…> level stuff. It is just WOW!
P.O. (USA)