Agar Aura - pure oud oils and attars


Dive into the shoreless seas of the most precious fragrances you can acquire: 100% pure oud oils. Ranging from earthy and musky to airy and ethereal, each oud oil is a journey in a bottle.

Sample Pack

$125 / $175

Origin: Various

Royal Lao


Origin: Laos
Salient quality: transporting

Kencana v3


Origin: Indonesia
Salient quality: exhilerating


Agar Aura's Attars are 100% full-strength perfume oils, made using oud and other essential oils. Rich, exotic and mysterious – they are sure to mesmerize you and those around you.

Jinkoh To Byakudan v3


Genre: Japanese
Salient notes: agarwood, sandalwood

Oud Incense

Agar Aura's all-natural incense products are straight up wild agarwood with just a dash of makko (natural binder) to hold them together. No fillers, no chemicals, no funny business. Now your space can smell as good as you.

Nha Trang No.2


Origin: Vietnam
Salient quality: tranquilizing
Level: ●●●●○