Oud Product


When I had first proposed AgarAura's meticulous distillation requirements for crafting this oil to the distiller, he was shocked and ended up refusing to go ahead with it. The risk was too high, he complained. When he discussed the idea with the pot master and others, they shook their heads in disbelief. No one in Assam had heard of such a crazy idea before.
After much persuasion, however, he relented. And how fortunate we are that he did!

The distiller's brother who was supervising the distillation was amazed by the results, and commented that he had never encountered anything like this. The oil was so clean and different from everything he was used to. Even the neighbors commented that an amazing smell was being exuded from the distillery. The air in Assam was perfumed by a scent never encounted before.

If the nonpareil fragrance of this oil isn't justification enough for every oud lover to claim a bottle, then the sheer quality it boasts certainly is. Aatma was distilled from exclusively wild harvested and resinated Indian agarwood. The feedstock was carefully procured and selected, and the quality surpassed everything else the distiller had ever worked with. The result: an Indian oud oil of mythic proportions.

Take your finest Oud Hindi, strip it completely of all objectionable notes that are common in most Indian ouds, and add to the palette the most scrumptuous scent notes never seen in Indian oud oils before.

The oil boasts a creamy sweet woodiness that is surprisingly similar to that of fine aged Mysore sandalwood oil. A plumy fruitiness (Yes! That rare 'red' sweetness that you only find in the finest Indian oud oils), a pinch of sweet hay, and a sweet resinous balsamic scent accompany the dominant note of creamy woodiness. A delectable spiciness surfaces every now and then. Subtle accents of sweet leather and an ever-so-slight bitter woody note give the oil a regal character.

Claim your bottle, and feast on one of the rarest and most precious gifts of nature!

This oil is totally unique and should be enjoyable even to those who find it difficult to wear Indian ouds. Above all, those who are partial to burning oud and favour the Indian wood will find this oud oil a rare treat as it manages to capture the scent of the heated chips like no other Hindi oil I've ever come across.  
I.T. (Canada)

I think this is likely to be many peoples fav Hindi oud.
S.R. (Canada)

Mmmm... it smells heavenly!
A.R. (Canada)