Agar Aura - buy pure oud oils online


Dive into the shoreless seas of the most precious fragrances: 100% pure oud oils.
Ranging from earthy and musky to airy and ethereal, each oud oil is a journey in a bottle.

Shan Special K


Oud Origin: Myanmar
Salient quality: transporting

Malay Magnifique


Oud Origin: Malaysia
Salient quality: narcotic



Oud Origin: Malaysia
Salient quality: captivating

Lao Gold v2


Oud Origin: Laos
Salient quality: satisfying

Bois Noir


Oud Origin: Malaysian Borneo
Salient quality: grounding

Pursat Atique


Oud Origin: Cambodia
Salient quality: calming


Our extrait sprays consist of oud and other 100% nature-derived aromatic oils. Rich, exotic and mysterious – they are sure to mesmerize you and those around you.

Yellow Kinam


Salient notes: Kinam fumes

Bushi No Kaori


Salient notes: Oud, hinoki, spices

Oud Fougère


Salient notes: Oud, ambergris