Oud Product

Agar Attar

Agar Attar is what 'oud perfumes' ought to smell like.

Ouds from various regions of the oud producing world were blended with precision so that no one oud profile would dominate over the other.

Deep Indian, Malaysian, and Thai ouds provides a rich base, Cambodian oud adorns the opulent heart, and Indonesian and Burmese ouds gives it an uplifting quality. And they all unite seamlessly.

The concept of Agar Attar was born with one aim: to create a perfume that smells like pure oud, but does so without being challenging in the least.

Other natural essential oils were used in small amounts to perform a task exactly the opposite of all other Agar Aura attars: to subdue each individual oud specie's signature notes, to produce an oud aroma that 'universally oudy'.

If you're new to oud, there is no better way to dive head first into the world of oud than to make Agar Attar your launch pad. In fact, you could lather this on right before a social gathering and no one would find it objectionable in the least. On the contrary, you might get lots of folks asking you about the source of the enchanting aroma surrounding you.

Agar Attar... oud perfume redefined.

The oil is marvelous. This is so good and so suitable for western nose. Not challenging at all. Starts off super green but soon becomes sweety, oudhy supported by sandalwood, cinnamon notes. Somewhere in the middle it reminds me of Kyara to Byakhudan but soon evolves into a very distinct dry down.Very nice!!! You are a genius!!!
D.J. (USA)

I like it a lot. It starts with a note of green frankincense and oud, then morphs into a smooth agarwood scent that is softly supported by cinnamon, clove, and some sandalwood. It reminds me, to a certain degree, of Jinkoh to Byakudan. However, Agar Attar is stronger, and way more "oudy" than the JTB.
The mixture of Agallocha, Malaccensis, and Crassna oud contributes to a soft transition from "darker", heavier notes (from the Agallocha) to the softer Crassna and Malaccensis notes. Delicious, well-rounded; and a great addition to my collection.
T.S. (Germany)

Very excited about receiving my Agar Atar
Everybody comments on it and wants to know what it is - I think you'll have a lot of customers from Ireland !!
B.H. (Ireland)

Agar Attar is incredibly intoxicating indeed, very addictive...head turning and powerful without being obnoxious.
Definite winner.
S.P. (Canada)

Taha, this oil is my favorite fragrance.  Period.  Nothing western, eastern, or other oil, etc. comes close.  Fantastic finish to my shave and start to my day.
L.M. (USA)

Addicted to agar attar!
J.T. (Canada)

Agar attar is the History and Spirit of Oud woven in to finest, most comfortable fragrance I've every worn. For me, it invokes visions and feelings of a type of purple that only visits me when my eyes are closed.
P.W. (Canada)

The Agar Attar does it for me. Wow.
Customer (USA)

I must say that your new Mukhallat “Agar Attar” is absolutely great, everybody was asking me what I was wearing and could not believe that there is such a Mukhallat that contains such a beautiful Oud.
A.K. (Kuwait)

love it.....
N.M. (Greece)

It is hard to believe that it is an attar and not pure Oud oil.
S.S. (USA)

OMG love it!
M.M. (Canada)

Today I just applied Agar Attar, I've only been doing one swipe to start off, just wonderful! I've been smelling my wrist all day, once I had to stop myself as I was outside.
G.A. (USA)

You know, now my wife become one of your oud fans! She apply one swipe of Agar Attar EVERY NIGHT!!  
Y.P. (Indonesia)

Soooo gorgeous!
D.H. (USA)