Oud Product


If there was one Agar Aura product that could be called 'ground-breaking', it was Ghaliyah Al-Molook.

Given the extraordinary popularity of Ghaliyah Al-Molook, we are excited to present Airya, our second ghaliyah formulation.

Like its predecessor, Airya was crafted using very ancient techniques, even more ancient than those used for crafting Ghaliyah Al-Molook.

To give an example - unlike the ancient Arabian technique of processing the deer musk last, the Persian method requires the musk to be processed first. This one change makes the musk not ony sweeter, but significantly more prominent as well (yes, EVEN stronger than Ghaliyah Molook, believe it or not).

Airya is sweeter, smoother, but by no means weak. It is extremely potent and displays very impressive longevity as well.

With more sweet musk, less ambergris, and the careful assortment of complementary fragrant ingredients, Airya is of the more delicate and 'pretty' variety of the ghaliyah genre.
If Ghaliyah Al-Molook was a display of the brazen pomp and hauteur of medieval Abbasid royalty, Airya is the dazzling finesse of the Sasanian and Parthian courts.

Ghaliyah Al-Molook got sold out literally within a week (and all full bottles sold out within 3 days). So if you managed to get a sample of that, but didn't get to get a full bottle of it before it was gone, here is your chance to grab a ghaliyah.

Ariya is very fine, decent and high end. Of course classy for an Attar but great.
H.I. (Germany)

Mind blowing stuff blended to perfection, each note complementing its predecessor. You used the name Ghah'liya and did it justice. Such a rare blend that even a king with have been pleased with.
A.A. (Australia)

Airya is way prettier than molook in my opinion :) I d be surprised if that one doesn't find more success than al molook with women. Its strange because it seems in the meantime lighter, but also that it projects a lot more than al molook which stays relatively close to skin.
Y.B. (UK)

Airya est fantastique , finalement , mieux que Ghaliyah al Molook . D'une très grande douceur ( à la fin , je sens une odeur de sucre vanillé) mais en même temps très présent. J'aurais envie de dire que c'est l'huile que je préfère..
J.S. (France)

Lasts forever on a cloth! BUT, on my skin it smells divine - the musk takes on this uber silky, buttery, delicately sweetened quality that almost makes it seem.. alive. And it's addicting beyond control lol! I sat in a waiting room, and this person, seating two places over, ended up sliding down till he was next to me. Finally, after "casually" leaning in for a few minutes, he flat out asked me what fragrance i was wearing.
Customer (USA)

Oh, my...
S.M. (USA)

I tried Airya last this is another amazing attar Taha!
C.B. (USA)

Liked Airya a lot (fruit punch with oud,musk and many other things going on- would be leaning towards a bottle)
D.R. (Ireland)

Airya is amazing, great job! It's so well blended it's almost impossible to pick out notes, I recognize some just because I know what's in it already, but if I was given this blind I think musk, oud and sandalwood... and maybe frankincense... are about all that's obvious and they seem like the major players. The floral aspect of rose and jasmine are there but very subtle and I could not have picked those notes out of the mix had I not known they were used. Those three ingredients (musk, oud, sandalwood) are very well paired here, it's hard to tell where one stops and the others pick up. I think it's the sweet aspect of the three that are blending so well. The musk is sweeter and gentler vs Al Molook, although no less prominent, and creates a warm, sweet and comforting fragrance.
D.C. (USA)