Oud Product

Amai Jinkoh

It was much to my delight that a fair bit of agarwood had been collected from the Roneam Doun Sam forest in Cambodia - wood that was used to distill what was easily the most popular AgarAura oud to date: Oud Kampuchea.

If you have been observing the addition of new oud oils to the AgarAura roster recently, you may have noticed that I like to take part of a batch of wood to craft an oil, and then take another part and craft a completely different oil from it.

Amai Jinkoh is a classic sweet Cambodian oud oil. You will immediately notice the resemblance to Oud Kampuchea. But although the genre of both oils is the same, slight modifications in the distillation factors make this oil deeper, and amplifies all the notes present in it. The spices are bolder, the plums and raisins are more tart, and the sheer oudiness has been cranked up.
Amai Jinkoh is, essentially, Oud Kampuchea on steroids.

The opening teases your senses with tart plums, juicy figs and sticky raisins. Notes of nutmeg and clove emerge and get bolder as the oil develops on the skin and contribute to the oil's depth, giving the rugged woodiness zesty highlights.

With its broad spectrum of top, mid, and base notes, Amai Jinkoh is a perfume in its own right.

Today I wore Amai Jinkoh to work and loved it. I added a tiny spritz of a tuberose fragrance from Andy Tauer - different spot so as not to cover the oud -  and it complemented nicely. The Amai came through loud and clear.
C.P. (USA)

Classical cambodi sound , very loud , fruity and mouthwatering  /
reminds me of authentic belgian waffles with cream and maple syrup / true ones
A.I. (U.K.)