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If you're a die-hard fan of Borneo oud oils, you may be surprised to discover that the ultimate "Borneo" oud oil for you may actually be from... Sumatra.
And not just Sumatra, but a tiny region which produces agarwood unlike any other part of the island: Aceh (pronounced: Aah-chay).

Consider most Borneo oud oils you have smelled in your life.
The ones from the eastern reaches of the island can get overly nutty. Far north, too camphoric. And from the center of the island, that 'bug spray' smell.
You could probably count the Borneo oud oils that are completely devoid of all problematic scent notes on your fingers.

And then there's Ambrosia.
It is the pure unwarped essence of the quintessential Aceh agarwood aroma. Some would argue its the most balanced of all Indonesian oud varieties. No damp, salty/marine, terpy, nutty, leathery or other such notes. Unlike the typical agarwood from the western and southern jungles of the island, this is pristine Microcarpa from the Aceh highlands.

If agarwood trees could be tapped for syrup like Maple trees, Ambrosia is what that syrup would smell like.
Like sugarcane juice, maple syrup and gula melaka, it has a woody-sugary sweetness that is further enhanced by the clearest vanilla note you ever smelled in an oud (the heart notes are reminiscent of the aroma of vanilla cupcakes starting to rise in the oven).  Stripped of all fruity, floral, terpenic, peanutty, and other geographical markers found in most Borneo oud oils, Ambrosia is the purest expression of the underlying deep incensey core common in all of them.
This is as archetypal and incensey as Indonesian oud ever gets.

Ambrosia lies smack in the middle of our Gen3 and Gen4 scent continuum. It boasts the spectacular shimmery top notes of the former, but also the dark vanillic-woody 'squeezed wood' quality of the latter.
So no matter what your personal preference is, one thing is certain: Ambrosia is an oud that is sure to please every lover of Indonesian agarwood.

Balance of inward/outward. If this oil’s personality could be described by a colour it would be caramel/burgundy. Sweet woody resin deliciousness. Slight vanilla, maple syrup ( you are bang on with your notes) on attack, mildly woody, very incensy. After some time the oil settles with geosmin like notes, clean forest floor, Closest oil to japanese minimalist agarwood incense. Touch of sour fruit note that I get from sumatra woods and oils keeps the oil from becoming too cloying and sweet. Very nice.
R.S. (Canada)

Like this one a lot. Love the opening and the dry down. Nice and long lasting. Will probably pick up a bottle of this and Harita for sure.
M.A. (USA)

The oil arrived a few days ago and wow! For me this is oud. This oud simply is what I loved when I first smelled agarwood chips burning all those years ago. It is that scent I've been searching for (and spent an embarrassing amount of money looking for-but I guess it counts as charity...). I've heard stories about the legendary Kinam/Kyara but it's hard for me to imagineit getting much better than this sweet, complex "fresh earth after the rain" scent that both grounds and uplifts.
O.O. (USA)

First off if poasible PLEASE reserve another bottle of Ambrosia for me!!! I am astounded by it. It bounces in so many directions... I get an intense sweetness accompanied by a euphoric but powerful spicyness... That strangely enough is identical to the taste of my favorite native New Zealand medicinal herb... So strange to smell a taste. This oil is an absolute master piece!!!
C.D. (New Zealand)

Thank you Taha and thank you to nature for collaborating to create a scent that sings song of victory, hope, joy and peace to my soul.
Honestly if possible please reserve me 2 or 3... This oil is absolute magic to me.
C.D. (New Zealand)

I think Ambrosia might be my favorite oud ever! What a beautiful and uplifting and simultaneously centering scent. You know my tastes well!
O.O. (USA)

The succor and the ambrosia have a almost and explosive scintillating scent... You are killing me homes... It tingles the senses but does not obscure the depth and huge width of the oleoresins.
Customer (USA)

That first sniff, this is so close to the Sultans Succor in style, I almost thought I was having a senior moment and put the wrong oil on. After a few seconds it is obvious this is something different. The style is the same as the succor and would describe it as 'bright darkness'. The ambrosia then gets sweeter and has this heavenly sweet wood drydown. Last a LOOOONG time. It is no accident I am having Taha save me a full bottle.
Kesiro (USA)

...reminds me the famous Ambrosia Custard!
M.H. (UK)

The ambrosia drydown after some hours is so divine. Does smell sugary. I just love it. Really need to get that one as I said.
P.O. (USA)