Oud Product

Cambodian Ameer

Cambodi Ameer is a twin of our Cambodi Sultan, and has an almost identical scent profile. The only difference is that Cambodi Ameer displays the fruitiness of 'wet' fruits like tart berries, while Cambodi Sultan has more of a dry fruit character.

Vibrant and lively, the opening note has a sweetness of tart berries balanced by an addictive resinous note that is present throughout the life of the scent. A bright and clean ethereal note hovers over the scent.

As the scent develops on the skin it becomes smoother. It becomes more resinuous, and subtle accents of nutmeg, musk and wild flowers emerge. Compared to Cambodi Sultan, Cambodi Ameer is more peppery and has a bolder nutmeg note.

Hints of cork, amber, herbal foresty notes, and other nuances speckle the scent profile of this oil, and give it a completeness leaving you satisfied.