Oud Product

Areej Al-Molook

Back by popular demand, our latest Areej Al-Mulook features a fully matured North-East Assamese Indian agarwood oil aged for well over a decade.

Unlike most mukhallats, this oil's primary ingredient is oud. After blending it minimally with other aromatic oils, the oud's boldness was surprisingly tamed into a delicious creamy dough-y woodiness.

Ta'ifi rose give the oil its bright opening note, and musk oils complete the classic blend. A healthy dose of South Indian Sandalwood oil smoothes out the different notes and binds them together. Other fine essential oils complete the scent spectrum and make this oil heady and satisfying.

If there was ever a fragrance that could be called an aphrodisiac, this would be it. The musks elicit sensuality, the fine Indian oud awakens carnal energy, and the delicate rose teases and lures.

Note: for a limited time only, we are selling this oil at nearly cost-price. So grab yours before its gone!

I received the bottle of Areej Al-Mulook earlier this week and am compelled to write you … everything of yours I have tried is fantastic. But the Areej Al-Mulook is something else. It may be one of the best things I have ever smelled! Truly stupendous.
Many, many thanks,
H.J. (USA)

The Areej sample was outstanding and truly made me feel like royalty :)
H.S. (USA)

I have never been inside the Taj Mahal...but I can imagine this is the scent inside the Taj Mahal...
E.C. (USA)