Oud Product

Syed's Ascent

Lovers of Merauke oud, this is where you get off the train. You can stop the search.
This is the holy grail Merauke oud.

It is common knowledge that Aquilaria Filaria has one of the lowest % oil yield, out of all the species of agarwood. This is the reason why even distilling oil from the lowest incense grade of wood will give an oil with a very high cost-per-gram.

That didn't stop me.
Syed's Ascent was hand-crafted by me, from one of the most oleoresin-rich raw material I have ever distilled. Sure, the yield wasn't exactly high (no surprise), but since I got an incredible deal on the raw material this oil is quite literally a quarter of the price it otherwise would have been.

Steel, yes. Copper, you betcha. Horizontal steam path, upward steam path, downward steam path, low temperature, high temperature... yep, yep, yep, yep, and yes again.
As some of you may know, I use custom-made 'plug-and-play' apparatus. For different stages of the distillation, I implement not just different sets of techniques but (quite literally) dissemble and reassemble the entire setup - while the distillation is still in progress. This is done to ensure that every scent note that I have choreographed in my mind plays flawlessly in the final product, the symphony, the oud.

This is Merauke oud with all its glorious smoke and wood, but so densely saturated with sheer oleoresin intensity that the scent profile comes to a point (like passing sunlight through a magnifying glass), until... the aroma becomes a deep glossy black.

Imagine if smoke, roasted wood, pure Filaria oleoresin, and the color Black.. could be freeze-dried. It is then detonated, this surreal cocktail of top-noted base notes, and it pierces into every crevice of your sinuses and lungs.

Forget about all of our previous Merauke oud oils. Yes, Sultan's Succor included.
My friends, this is the finest Merauke oud that previously I could have only dreamed of distilling.

The final color of the oil is dark green. The blue oil shown in the Products page is only the top notes fraction of Syed's Ascent, and it is not photoshopped (you can watch this video to see it in action). The heart and base note fractions came out dark green, and since I believe in combining all the fractions of oud, those were mixed together with the top notes fraction and the dark green color took over.
The scent of Syed's Ascent is still as blue as blue can be.

When I opened and smelled Syed’s Ascent I was blown away, I literally felt transported to another place. In fact I could not for a few days bring myself to smell it again for fear I was dreaming, but I tried again today and the same thing ☺.
N.M. (Australia)

Literally impossible to describe EXACTLY until you smell this. Simply the BEST maroke I've ever smelt. It is very deep & very high at the same time. So deep & high that I couldn't be able to see the highest peak or lowest bottom. It is EXTREMELY satisfying for my soul. It is a long spiritual bath for my soul _ it's a divine drink for my soul. It is a heavenly spiritual medicine for my psyche.
S.A. (Bangladesh)

I think this oil is not so much of a scent but a psychoactive experience. This oil is light in the blackness and black in the light. Really requires some alone time to fully experience it and I do not think I have yet scratched the surface of its power. Man, what insane stuff.
P.O. (USA)

It is a beast but a beautiful beast. Quite elegant.
R.S. (Canada)

An oudventure to oudessy. Syed ascent is a rocket ship to the outer galaxy. The scent is maroke in its core and is so so to my nose and heart but the effects are ascending. Like Red Bull. It gives you wings.
R.S. (Canada)

The ultimate oud perfume and it's not a figurative speech, like a classic yet modern masculine perfume starts with piercing cola-laced suave birch tar/styrax-based smoky leather notes gradually creeps by delusional minimalistic cotton candy sweetness in the heartnotes that smooths and soothes the rugged yet refined edges of the topnotes and allow star anise, clove, lavender on background of vetiver, wood, oak moss, hint of patchouli and powdery coumarin to shine giving an overall luxurious shaving cream-fougere-like aura that surrounds the wearer and to die for.
A cult following Gentleman scent...
A.I. (USA)

First of all this oil is a sheer monster in a bottle. The first initial hit of this oil and I was blown away. The Aquilaria Filaria aka Supreme Meroke agarwood in this oil is not like a car or truck hitting you but rather a heavy locomotive train traveling at 100 mph. Gone in this are the jungly notes which can throw off people. This oil has some of the most pleasant notes of nature that of a beautiful waterfall hitting the rocks and gently landing onto the grass and trees aroma.
The silage of this oil well to give you an example I put a small tiny dot probably the size of a mosquito head this afternoon around 1:30 pm and right now is 9:20 pm and I could clearly still smell the beautiful Marokeness in this oil.
A.K. (USA)

I am wearing AA Syed's Ascent today and this stuff is amazing. It starts off with a blast of Maroke vapors. Like putting a high quality Maroke chip on a burner on low heat but concentrating those fumes and releasing them all at once. It develops into this ethereal Maroke base.
A.Z. (USA)

Syed's Ascent...
OooMG!! If I could design a "perfect" Merauke oil, just for myself, this would be it. Will certainly need to get more of this one too!
C.G. (USA)

It is the busiest oud I've ever smelt, unlike anything else I've tried... such an amazing oil.
C.D. (New Zealand)

Syed's Ascent is exactly that, an intergalactic movement towards the dark void, it is black but also blue, the most stunningly pacifying blue next to mysterious black.
R.S. (UK)

This one is simply the best oud oil and best scent I ever smelled.
S.H. (Canada)