Oud Product


With the tremendous success of Kyoto, I am excited to release our second product in the Smoke Infusion series: Baghdad.

A tribute to the glory days of the city that was once the heart of the world's mightiest empire, Baghdad captures the essence of the ancient tradition of Arabian incense.

It contains some of the finest ingredients that were traded along the ancient Silk Route. Oud, sandalwood and frankincense. Saffron, herbs and exotic spices of the orient.

Baghdad is multi-layered and multidimensional due to the nature of its ingredients. Like Oud Lubani, it is infused with molten frankincense oleoresin which gives it an unusually three-dimensional resinous aroma. And if that's not enough, it also contains an enfleuraged base of guaiacwood paste copiously steeped with the smoke of burned agarwood, sandalwood, green Hojary frankincense, and honey.

Although it does bear a resemblance to the unmistakable aroma of modern-day Arabian incenses, particularly traditional Yemeni and Omani varieties, Baghdad is far richer due to the use of only 100% natural, high quality ingredients. And it would be a more accurate depiction of how the Arabian incenses over a millenium ago would have smelled, the likes of which would have been used to perfume the courts and chambers of Harun and Mamun.

Baghdad will play with your senses from start to finish. Unabashedly powerful and ridiculously long-lasting, it will turn heads and it will draw attention.

Make no mistake - Baghdad is awesome.

Although Lubani awakened my interest in frankincense-based mukhallats, Agar Aura’s Baghdad has made me a devotee. Its smokiness oozes with incense-laden resin; hay mounds of saffron demure its peppery pungency; curls of silver birch cool tobacco-laden sweetness, and drops of thick molasses coat its dense, woody heart. Pine forests, a vetiver pillow, pummeled leather, licorice spit, an orange blossom petal, guaicwood chimera, ambery effulgence, molten labdanum, waving, swaying sandalwood. Boswellia tree- please dry your tears and bask in my smiling applause.
M.W. (USA)

I am wearing Baghdad today and it is very beautiful!
When I walked into the front room this morning, my girlfriend said "is that Baghdad?" (I had told her I would wear the sample). I said, "you could smell it before I came into the room?" She said "yes, I could smell it as soon as you opened it!" I asked if she liked it and she said she loves it.
M.S. (USA)

This attar is amazing! I love the smokiness of it. Reminds me of smoke from a high quality sandalwood incense. It also has sort of a medicinal powdery scent to it. Maybe a little hint of cedarwood. Either way, I am sitting here in awe as I type, breathing in this fascinating scent! It's got a very classic and classy character.
M.J. (USA)

It is definitely one of your best incense type attars and smells like a very high quality incense. The agarwood smoke infusion is really nice and fits in perfectly in the blend. Your attars are usually great, this is one of the best!
D.C. (USA)

I just adored baghdad. The first 30-60 minutes are potent, rich in a good way. I also smell some slight tobacco in the top notes. Then the first day it keeps on drying down to nice floral/sandalwoody......and I really enjoyed the dry down after 24 hours. Longevity is just awesome.
F.H. (USA)

My brother, you have KNOCKED THIS ONE INTO OUTTER SPACE. EASILY, EASILY EASILY the best scent I have ever experienced. I loved your Japanese material but have had a hard time moving beyond the Khaltat 3rabiyya that you made a while back. This blows it out of the water. I strongly urge you to write the recipe for this down and release it periodically. If I didn't have two kids and a lot of travel expenses I'd order a bucket from you. Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know that your work is tremendous and highly appreciated.
E.M. (USA)

On application of Baghdad I was transported to a time long ago. But also feel an aura of Royalty. This is what I envision a person of Royalty would smell like past or present in the Middle East.
But while keeping the flame lit for a Mid East style classic Mukhalat,it also smells a touch new also. On application it is sharp at first. I smell Oud & Rose. After a few minutes it develops the Sandalwood with a subtle just rite spiciness & sweetness. The sweetness is kind of like Henna but just the rite amount of this ingredient. Then the spiciness of incense Frankincense/Myrhh notes. All these ingredients finally harmonize into the perfect Mukhallat. The Sandalwood gets creamier and creamier as everything melds together. And in the back is this incense smoke that is just delightful. This is a fun ride from start to finish,which actually doesn't stop lol I smell it over 26 hours later on my skin even after a shower. This is by far the best Mukhallat I have smelled. Plus one of the longest lasting. If you love Layali or Al Arabiya then this is seriously for you. The blending is just gorgeous,Masterful. A work of art
C.D. (USA)