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Ready, set,
...gasp in amazement.

As if ouds from Borneo island weren't already well-known for their uplifting and invigorating quality (all five major species), the rare Aquilaria Beccariana species certainly personifies these quality more than any other variety.

For starters, this is from West Borneo, so you already know this is going to be one "pretty" oud with a plethora of auxiliary sweet floral notes. Then there's the fact that its 100% Aquilaria Beccariana, so its exponentially prettier to the nth degree.
And it doesn't end there. A hybrid hydro-steam extraction in hybrid copper+steel apparatus ensures incredible richness.
Not impressed yet? The extraction techniques used were identical to how Royal Pursat and Manaka Jinkoh were extracted: a unique set of techniques which produces oud oils that can be as little as 3 and up to 10 times richer than any oud you can get anywhere else (with GCMS lab results to prove this).
'nuff said.

From a strictly agarwood (the wood) point of view, this species has incredibly dense wood fibres and the resin-to-oil ratio of the agarwood oleoresin leans more towards the resin side.
But on the other hand, contrary to what is normal for resin-rich dense wood, the oil part of the oleoresin is packed with a ton of auxiliary aromatic compounds. Vanillic, floral, honeyed, you name it.

The extraction process was set up to capture, with no exaggeration, the exact aroma emitted from gently 'wave heated' Aquilaria Beccariana agarwood. If you've never experienced its intoxicating aroma before, consider it compulsory upon yourself to get some Yamada-Matsu SS grade Genboku agarwood.
Although this oud oil will smell beautiful no matter what, you will have a fuller and deeper appreciation once you compare the oil to the aroma from this wood.

White-floral and crystalline-cool woody notes aplenty, what is most striking about Aquilaria Beccariana is how delicate its aroma is. Not in terms of potency (this is one potent oil!), but rather its a delicate and dainty quality which makes this just about the most 'feminine' oud species in the world.
Don't worry, this is far from the scent of grandma's rose talc -- this is a wood extract after all so it is, by definition, among the most rugged aromatic substances on earth. But within the rugged-woody spectrum, this is singularly the prettiest and most 'feminine' oud you can get.

Back in 2014, If you got our Kecantikan, you would have either gasped in disbelief or skipped a heart beat (or likely both), when you first breathed in its unearthly aroma.
That was a co-distillation of three Aquilarias: Malaccensis, Microcarpa, and Beccariana -- Beccariana being only a small percentage of the mix, and yet it was the 'fairy dust' that gave Kecantikan the wow factor.
Here, you have 100% Beccariana, something you'll seldom (if ever) come across in your journey in the world of oud.
Simply awesome.

BECCARIANA- top note is intense and beautiful . It's a scent I never encountered before. Words can't describe this amazing scent. The Floral notes tingle the nose. Has a Japanese Kodo session vibe. I can't find no notes of Borneo in the beginning, Middle note creeps in with Borneo profile , with out the dampness or wet forest smell. Just mesmerized on the middle note , with florals popping back & forth with great silage. (4hrs later ) The dry down has a Borneo scent profile that is beautiful . This is an amazing oil. Silage is super long & strong !
I.R. (Canada)

I wanted to tell you how absolutely beautiful in the strongest possible terms the Beccariana is. There is not even the slightest hint of anything off, which can sometimes be found in the very best of oud, in this oil. This is no doubt the most delicate of beauties where oud of this genre is concerned. There is a sweetness that almost cannot be described- sort of like the highest notes on a trumpet, delicate and sweet with the power of a laser beam. In ouditory terms these must be the highest notes Ive ever smelled. Every now and then I receive the ultimate reminder ( in the form of an oud )  of something someone once told me. “oud is what it smells like in heaven”  Beccariana: The Breath of Angels.  Im somewhat speechless over this one.
J.S. (USA)

Indo Uno is sweet and deep, but Beccariana-subhanAllah! It is intoxicating!
O.O. (USA)

The Beccariana started out oudhy...woody sort of...then turned into a slightly floral (jasmine, maybe) breeze...I opened the cap and my meditation room blossomed!
L.K. (USA)

About Beccariana I just knew I would love it hahahaha Even though I unfortunately didn't have the opportunity to smell Kecantikan IMHO Beccariana is just the prettiest and most delicate Borneo I've ever smelled. And thanks to your amazing techniques I am happy to enjoy the richness of this amazing oil. Awesome job! I guess I need a full bottle. I cannot resist it.
A.K. (France)

I immediately love the Beccariana oil - that one is phenomenal - some oils just grab me by the soul, and that is one of them!
J.M. (USA)

Beccariana , belle huile  , avec un côté Jumanten : vert et aéré  , c'est , ce qui me frappe le plus et peut être ce que j'aurais tendance à rechercher actuellement  , pour vraiment changer des huiles que je porte plus souvent .
J.S. (France)

The Beccariana oil - ultra-sublime - has a vibe of utter dignity and grace, but sweet and non-pretentious either...
Customer (USA)

Beccariana – beautiful and refined – I compared this to Kecantikan – the Beccariana is brighter and sunnier.  Kecantikan is fuller and has a little more going on with the basenotes of the scent but Beccariana burns a little brighter initially and tends to veer towards the higher notes, yet is more focused. Kencantikan may be more rounded but Beccariana is a little more ‘pretty’ – like liquid sunshine.  It does not smell citrusy but I tend to visualize lemons (maybe the color Yellow) with white flowers before the wood foundation becomes apparent into the drydown.
J.B. (USA)

Man that Beccariana oil - I recognize the top note from Kecantikan immediately - in fact, this note is what I love best about Kecantikan - so the Beccariana is awesome because it's that same note but much amplified...
Customer (USA)