Oud Product


We are excited to introduce to our line of pure agarwood oils, for the first time, an oil from Bangladesh. This oud is from the Sylhet region, bordering Tripura in India.

Chances are you have either never smelled a Bengali oud before, or if you have then what you smelled was so vile that the only thing it could boast was the title of oud.
In either case, with this oil you are in for a real treat.

Almost all Indian oud oils have a learning curve, due to their robust oudiness and farminess. Oud Bengal has a scent profile that loosely falls under the Indian oud category. But it is completely devoid of fecal notes, and the only animalic aspect found in the oil is a soft suede smell, similar to Purana.

Oud Bengal brings more to the palette - it has a remarkable coolness, a dark chocolaty base, hints of roasted coffee beans, and a jungly earthiness that would make you think this is a South Papuan oud oil. But more than anything, Oud Bengal is a pure wood scent, and the bold woodiness coupled with the soft suede note gives it a gentlemen's club or antique store vibe.

Get your bottle today, and experience one of the rarest and most unusual ouds we have offered to date!

Just received my sample of Oud Bengal. My first thought upon smelling it in the vial is...chocolate! I generously swipe myself to discover a rich leathery aroma radiating from the body of this Oud. A few minutes later, and this leatheriness is accented by an ethereal sweet note that drys into that clean woodiness of a fresh jungle Oud. This oil is rich and luscious, and I'm sure there is more to discover as the day unfolds.
N.P. (USA)

Wet cedar chips with a fresh hay note and deep tobacco sweetness, with an echo of barbecue or cade oil. Delicious.
P.A. (USA)

The Oud Bengal sample arrived yesterday. I'm wearing it right now and can't wait to place a larger order...this oil is incredible!
C.C. (USA)