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You've tried Aquilaria Malaccensis oud oils of peninsular Malaysia, and have probably realized that they are arguably the richest ouds in the world.

What about Malaccensis oud from Borneo island? Put your seat belts on folks...

Berjiwa was distilled from wild-harvested agarwood from one of the most prized regions of Borneo island, Nunukan Regency, the mountainous north-most region of Indonesian Borneo.
Whereas West Borneo, Brunei, and most other regions of Borneo give us ouds with lots of honey and purple and white floral notes, oud from Nunukan is all about extreme woodiness and zesty resin, almost piney in nature.

But... of course, when the oud is distilled the Agar Aura way, you also get beautiful sweet top notes. Lots of them. In this case, clementine zest, honeydew melon, orange blossom, and night blooming cestrum. And vanilla, thanks to the extraction of vanillin from the wood - something possible through only two distillation techniques (and as a general rule, never extracted in typical Indonesian distillations).

By using a hybrid hydro+steam setup, we were able to capture all the facets of the wood's rich aroma. And the use of hybrid copper+steel apparatus means the richness just got a little richer. Stainless steel really brought the woody and incensey aspects to life, and the use of copper adorned the top notes making them even prettier than they were, dormant inside the wood.

The end result is an oud oil with a whole lot of soul. This is an oud that combines lots of opposites. Soaring camphoraceous top notes balanced by grounding oudiness, biting woodiness softened by sweet vanilla, smoldering resin beautified by the sweet citrusy elements.

Of the three key species of agarwood found in Borneo, you've already tried Microcarpa in our Keemasan (and now, our currently available Sabah Select). Here you have Malaccensis in all its grandiose glory. And later, we plan to release a 100% Beccariana distillation.

There's something to love about the aroma of each of these three magnificent species of Borneo agarwood.
Get them. Get to know them. You'll love them.

At first I wasn't sure about this one, but now, wow, what an oil! Definately the most decadent and lush Borneo oil I've tried - rich and dark and sweet, a bit of the Berkilau note in there also - then becomes camphorous minty ethereal on the drydown...
J.M. (USA)

The scent of Berjiwa throws me around. heavenly
F.A. (Germany)

So crazy, just sitting with Berjiwa and something mountainous started creeping on me, like clean air and then the feeling these trees were growing in higher altitude. So, I read your descritpion and there it is.
A.A. (Croatia)

It is probably one of the most balanced Borneo oils I've ever smelled. The clean woodiness perfectly supports soft vanilla, spiced lightly with lemon balm: everything in ideal proportions, smoothly transitioning through its feng shui arrangement of notes. However, for me, the very best aspect of this oud is its beautifully addictive aroma of sweet basil! It isn't loud, by any means, but it's there and weaves its gentle trail throughout the bouquet. Nothing is too sweet, too heavy, or too vaporous. An exceptionally complete Borneo, if ever there was one.
C.G. (USA)

I really enjoy Berjiwa. It doesn't achieve the austere woody scent which cam become boring and  lack dimension in some other Bormeo ouds...
J.B. (USA)

Je viens d'essayer Berjiwa.
Hum...! Également magnifique. Je perçois bien la note de tête camphrée , ainsi que des notes vanillées . Parfum présent sans agressivité (et pourtant , je suis très enrhumé aujourd'hui...c'est dire sa présence...).
Taha , tes huiles ont toutes , tellement à donner , qu'on ne sait plus laquelle choisir ! Si je le pouvais , je les prendrais toutes !
Merci pour ces plaisirs olfactifs !
J.S. (France)

Reminiscent of so many opulent scents. It haunts the limbic system. And as promised, clean and clear. No fecal notes.
C.L. (USA)

Berjiwa is a must-have! It opens like Kencana, then the best ever wood note walks in, wearing a creamy vanilla cape. The accompanying notes flicker about, making Berjiwa an experience as much as it is a perfume. Now I understand why Nunukan Regency is a prized region for Agarwood.
C.C. (USA)

Berjiwa is in the vein of Pencerahan and Berkilau, really really like these oils.
A.A. (Croatia)