Oud Product

Betonamu Jinkoh

At long last, its here. Agar Aura's very own wild Vietnamese oud. Unmatched, sublime. The ultimate 'holy grail' oud.

Before the production of Betonamu Jinkoh, Agar Aura's official response to the question "which country's oud is the best?" was that ouds of all countries are great, in their own way.
Well, Betonamu Jinkoh changes that.
One whiff of its unearthly aroma and you'll realize that your oud collection, no matter how impressive, has been lacking without this oil.

Betonamu Jinkoh is part of our Jinkoh Series, and the aim behind its production was to approximate the aroma of the most prized agarwood: Kyara (伽羅).
However, out of respect for genuine Vietnamese Kyara, we are simply calling this oud Betonamu Jinkoh - Japanese for 'Vietnamese agarwood'.

The wild-harvested raw material was obtained from the prized bottle-neck region of Central Vietnam - the key source of Japanese-certified Kyara. Given the extinct (and prized far more than any other agarwood) nature of this wood, this turned out to be our costliest oud distillation ever.

Although Kyara is actually a rare sub-category of agarwood, we couldn't afford to run a distillation of actual Vietnamese Kyara (a small-scale distillation would run in the millions).
So we did the next best thing: we used Vietnamese agarwood from the same jungles where the best Kyara is found (Nha Trang region), and ensured that its aromatic profile was as close as possible to true Kyara.

And then the fun began...

This is where Agar Aura incorporated all the tweaks necessary for shaping the aroma to achieve the desired result. Having the experience of crafting the likes of Royal Chen Xiang, Ketenangan and Manaka Jinkoh, we already knew how a distillation can be designed to give the oud strong Kyara-like suggestions.

And now we had the additional advantages of using wood that was not just the same species but also from the same region as Vietnamese Kyara, and even in its raw form it displayed many of the scent notes that Green Kyara possesses.
By carefully planning every single aspect of the distilltion - and more obsessively than ever before - we managed to produce an oud of epic proportions.

No off notes. None of that over-the-top fruitiness found in most Aquilaria Crassna oud oils. No dustiness, sharpness, or greasiness. Obviously no barnyard.
A perfect assortment of ethereal, milky, vanillic, resinous and bitter-sweet woody notes.

This is the scent of Kyara in an oud oil, like you never experiened before.

Betonamu Jinkoh - contender for my favorite oud ever, the opening is earthy green and decadent, then moving into a remarkable blue-airy aquatic quality towards the drydown.  This to me is symbolic of the extinction of agarwood from this region - the history of many agarwood tress growing and then being cut and carried away through the air.  Similarly, this oud starts deep and green and lush, and then floats into the heavens on the drydown.  However this floating away is not sad, but joyful - perhaps because not only is the soul of the tree immortal, but because trees are being planted, the species will not go extinct, and a hundred years from now perhaps families will have tree filled with king super grade chunks in their backyard - a gift from their great-grandfather or great-grandmother who planted it back in 2016..
Dude, I am so impressed - the crafstmanship here is off the charts..  I'm winding up like one of those people who writes super abstract, metaphorical, superlative filled reviews - (mostly) all your fault!
J.M. (USA)

I'm in oud nirvana right now, man. Thanks again. Betonamu jinkho is sitting in my safe at the moment. I smelled the dipstick and had to put it away before i used some and became intoxicated by its beauty and made an order that my wife wouldn't understand...haha.
M.J. (USA)

Just tried your Betonamu Jinkoh today and wow, the top notes are really green, cooling and sharp before transiting to a bittersweet incense scent. Really impress with this oil!
M.A. (Singapore)

This oil is a one of a kind. As I wrote, and meant it, this oil is worth every penny and a lot more just to have been able to experience it.
M.I. (USA)

I have […] and Betonamu definitely has it clean kinamic notes start to finish. It's creamy sweet too, wish I could eat it.
I.S. (USA)

Simply the best. This is an oud of another world. To me it stands not only shoulders but also feet above any other oil. From the bottle it is already very promising with a rich and so good aroma. On skin it is just unbelievable. I often read people considering some oils they like as perfumes and I could myself do the analogy with some oils but ever since I smelled Betonamu I had a different opinion. Betonamu is the closest thing to what I would call a real perfume; all the notes are so perfectly and harmoniously balanced, that is too good to be true. I really think that oil has been blessed by Allah and I feel myself blessed and lucky for the opportunity I had to smell it.  If only all the other oils could smell similarly and for a fraction of the price hahahaha. This is one I will dearly cherish.
A.K. (France)