Oud Product


Bhavana is a fascinating adventure in the world of oud distillation, just as it is an olfacory adventure in the broad scent spectrum that it offers.

Bhavana was crafted using traditional Indian distillation methods, but with AgarAura's meticulous preferences and our own modifications thrown in for good measure.

The result: an oil with a bottomless depth and a broad scent spectrum encompassing classic Indian oud notes as well as the intoxicating aroma of the first whisps of oud smoke rising from heated Indian agarwood chips.

Most Indian oud oils have a pungent and fecal character, due to the crude treatment the raw material undergoes prior to and during distillation. But for creating Bhavana, every step was meticulously designed to steer clear of all harsh and fecal elements; however the smoky, deep, barnyard and leather notes were carefully designed to be part of the scent, but toned down and tamed to make them enjoyable and unoffensive. Bhavana was extracted from the first 5 days of distillation only, to preserve the oil's pristine clarity.

The opening has a bright quality, with top notes of sweet hay, honey and peaches. Smoky tobbaco and leather notes surface after a few minutes, and create a nice contrast between the brighter and darker facets of this oil.

As the oil develops on the skin, a sweet butterscotch toffee note emerges which rides beautifully atop the deep, opulent base.

Easily the 'prettiest' smelling Indian oud we have offered to date, now you can enjoy archetypal oud (Indian oud) without having to put up with the challenging notes found in most Indian oud specimens.

Bhavana - redefining the Indian oud experience.

The Bhavana is fantastic! I think I like it even more than the Aatma. Although I need to try them both out at the same time to be really sure. It's such an easy oil to wear. The barn is just right and the creamy toffee is so addictive. My nose was glued to my sleeve for hours yesterday evening. I had guests round who were probably wondering what I was doing sniffing my sleeve every few minutes!
S.B. (UK)

This is one of my favorite Indian oils. Heady & sweet.
E.S. (USA)

What makes Bhavana unique is the elegance with which it expresses its Indian flair. Bhavana is a full-range Indian oil, but its gentility and smooth creaminess is very soothing. This oil has a soft texture and possesses feminine qualities. It does not possess the overpowering masculine force of classic Indian Oud. It is simple and even sweet in its higher range...
Think of how the blackest Indian Oud oil would smell if rendered in female form. Put it in a bottle, and you have Bhavana–the other side of Indian Oud.
N.P. (USA)

This Bhavana is like a cross between a Indian & Cambodi. Low fecal notes. This is a great oil!

Very nice. You can smell the leather/barnyard notes, but at the same time this is very smooth. I am going to be sniffing this one throughout the day, I like this one quite a bit.
S.M. (USA)

Bhavana encapsulates the essence of Indian oud- a dark seriousness and groundedness that I’ve never experienced in ouds from any other region. I breathe in supple leather and gentle smoke- scents of oiled camel saddles and burning woodchips passed from guest to guest. I inhale the ripeness of heavy loam and feel the energy of golden millet plumes reaching for the sun. A faint hot mineral note adds solidity and firmness to the animalic and earthy elements. A “barnyard’ note IS present in this oil – it smells healthy and fertile (its primitive side is especially appreciated after the lights are turned out)! In daylight its unassuming fortitude and quiet strength make me walk a little taller and more confidently when I wear it. 
One other thing- when I’ve had trouble sleeping if I put a little Bhavana on the back of my hand and take some deep breaths it’s not long before I fall into a deep, peaceful sleep. That one oil can be so many different things- that’s kind of amazing. Well- I guess that’s why I keep coming back for more ☺ 
M.W. (USA)