Oud Product


If you haven't smelled Bruneian oud oil before, it may be hard to imagine an oud that smells 'blue'. You might have an easier time imagining green (North Papuan), burgundy (Malaysian), golden (Malinau), or ambery (Indian) ouds. But blue? In my experience, that is a color that is strictly the domain of Brunei and perhaps a few far-northern regions of Sabah and Kalimantan.

Although felling wild agarwood trees is illegal, the Brunei oud oil used in Blu is in fact 100% wild-harvested. How is that, you ask? There are huge areas of jungles that are cleared to set up rubber and palm plantations. It was during the clearing process for one such plantation in Brunei that some old agarwood trees were found. The quantity of high grade heartwood in the trees was not a lot, and the batch size of the oil was rather small (and the cost rather high).

So I decided to use it in Blu, a tribute to the beautiful fragrance of Bruneian oud.

Blu contains Bulgarian rose, frankincense, and gingergrass. There's even oakmoss and vetiver. But aside from a brief appearance in the opening, all you smell is blue.
Clear blue skies. Ice-capped mountains.
Blue hydrangea growing at the base of a waterfall.
Brilliant sunshine.

Without a doubt, Blu is the freshest, brightest, cleanest attar you'll ever smell..

This mukh has become an instant favorite with me.  That's why I had to get a bottle.  I see the similarities with the Fougère but the differences are some notes I have been looking for for a while.  I am loving this one start to finish.  That bit of aromatic wood in the dry down and I do smell an oud here with a truly unique character; Blu is apt. as well.  Magic for me.
J.P. (USA)

I especially like the Blu, it's really a well woven scent, if I can put it that way. Cool and fresh, I like it!
P.T. (Belgium)

It is very fresh and clean, the blue aspect is apparent, reminding me of the ocean and ozone... I can't tell if there is a bit of ambergris, but it seems possible. I also get wood, oakmoss, spice, vanilla, rose, frankincense, vetiver and maybe a touch of patchouli. The oakmoss and vetiver are prominent in the opening along with spice, rose and frankincense to a smaller extent. The drydown is very interesting, the notes combine into a whole and discerning individual notes is difficult. It seems to coalesce into something that reminds me of a modern cologne, but without the piercing, overpowering synthetics. Here, the clean and fresh aspect contrast with spice, frankincense and something else... the something else reminds me a lot of Jean-Claude Ellena's signature basenote featured prominently in Cartier's Declaration, Malle's Bigarade Concentree and Hermes' Terre de Hermes just to name a few... It is kind of an embellished human smell, something like a pleasant body odor. Definitely another amazing composition, your mukhs are always something special... head and shoulders above most niche perfumers IMO.
D.C. (USA)

It smells clean and complex, and I get a whiff of it through out the day! When I first read your description, I was a bit worried because of the Rose (which I am not a huge fan of as it can make most products smell too feminine) but at the same time excited because of the Frankincense, Oakmoss and Vetiver! I am really glad that I went ahead and bought it. This is absolutely wonderful stuff! I applied it earlier today, and 14 hours later, I can still smell it :)
E.H. (Hong Kong)

A friend of mine tried some of my Blu sample . He really loved it, he picked up on the Oakmoss right away.
Patrick (Canada)