Oud Product


Blu is a one of those attars that doesn't fall under a particular category or genre. Its not Arabian, French, or Japanese. And yet, the way it comes together, it forms a seamless fragrance that smells simply awesome, and utterly unique.

Featuring a high-end wild oud oil with a steely blue resinous core, this new rendition of the classic contains Bulgarian rose, frankincense, and Indian papyrus. There's even oakmoss and vetiver. But aside from a brief appearance in the opening, all you smell is blue.
Clear blue skies. Ice-capped mountains.
Blue hydrangea growing at the base of a waterfall.
Brilliant sunshine.

Without a doubt, Blu is the freshest, brightest, cleanest attar you'll ever smell..

This mukh has become an instant favorite with me.  That's why I had to get a bottle.  I see the similarities with the Fougère but the differences are some notes I have been looking for for a while.  I am loving this one start to finish.  That bit of aromatic wood in the dry down and I do smell an oud here with a truly unique character; Blu is apt. as well.  Magic for me.
J.P. (USA)

I especially like the Blu, it's really a well woven scent, if I can put it that way. Cool and fresh, I like it!
P.T. (Belgium)

It is very fresh and clean, the blue aspect is apparent, reminding me of the ocean and ozone... I can't tell if there is a bit of ambergris, but it seems possible. I also get wood, oakmoss, spice, vanilla, rose, frankincense, vetiver and maybe a touch of patchouli. The oakmoss and vetiver are prominent in the opening along with spice, rose and frankincense to a smaller extent. The drydown is very interesting, the notes combine into a whole and discerning individual notes is difficult. It seems to coalesce into something that reminds me of a modern cologne, but without the piercing, overpowering synthetics. Here, the clean and fresh aspect contrast with spice, frankincense and something else... the something else reminds me a lot of Jean-Claude Ellena's signature basenote featured prominently in Cartier's Declaration, Malle's Bigarade Concentree and Hermes' Terre de Hermes just to name a few... It is kind of an embellished human smell, something like a pleasant body odor. Definitely another amazing composition, your mukhs are always something special... head and shoulders above most niche perfumers IMO.
D.C. (USA)

It smells clean and complex, and I get a whiff of it through out the day! When I first read your description, I was a bit worried because of the Rose (which I am not a huge fan of as it can make most products smell too feminine) but at the same time excited because of the Frankincense, Oakmoss and Vetiver! I am really glad that I went ahead and bought it. This is absolutely wonderful stuff! I applied it earlier today, and 14 hours later, I can still smell it :)
E.H. (Hong Kong)

A friend of mine tried some of my Blu sample . He really loved it, he picked up on the Oakmoss right away.
Patrick (Canada)