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Cuir et Bois

Following in the footsteps of Oud Chypre and Cuir Chypre, Cuir et Bois is our third attar of the classic French perfume genre 'Chypre'.

Both of our previous Chypre formulations were greeted with enthusiasm and great success. Cuir et Bois was specifically designed to focus on the elements that were loved most in its predecessors.

At the heart of this attar is not Indian oud this time, but rather a very unusual Thai oud that, coupled with oakmoss, plays in a unique way with Indian cistus to create a leather note that approaches 'dirty' but stops shy of it and would be most accurately described as 'naughty'.
The oud is loud, its powerful. The oakmoss is more abundant than ever. The Bulgarian rose used in this attar has just about the most perfect balance of geraniol-to-citronellol.
This trio of oud, rose, and oakmoss has such a magnetic effect that you will probably find people sniffing and looking around to see where the diffusive aura is emanating from.

There are of course many other ingredients in this blend that tie it all together and complete it, but the three real key players are the oud, rose otto, and oakmoss.
And speaking of oakmoss, we don't give two hoots about IFRA's 0.1% oakmoss restriction. Cuir et Bois has much more oakmoss than that. If you're allergic to oakmoss you may want to avoid it, unless you don't mind a mild itch. And if you're not allergic to oakmoss, then this is one Chypre you really don't want to miss!

CeB is nice mashallah, got some on now! The oakmoss is stellar. A lovely seamless blend.
Z.H. (UK)

I have received the 2.5 g bottle of CUIR ET BOIS.
Just when I remove the golden cap, i get the 'divine' smell :-)
C.P. (USA)

You said you don't give two hoots about oakmoss restrictions? I give two hoots with the fact that every time I sample your mukhallats I have to readjust my budget and make sacrifices in other areas because they are so good!
E.T. (USA)

Taha, you are just waaay too good at mixing fragrances:) I'm wearing CeB, and have to come to the conclusion that the best way to describe it is to simply say that it is what Thai oud should have been. You have taken the very best notes of Thai oil and exalted them, purified them, deepened them! While I didn't think it was possible with oud, this is an unmistakable example of human hand improving upon nature. Very beautiful scent.
C.G. (USA)

I wore Cuir et Bois yesterday, I really loved it! I was thinking it was a Borneo oud used until I read it is a Thai oud, and I can see that now that I know... Rose, oakmoss and ambergris also seem prominent with other notes being more difficult to pick out. I also feel a there is a musky element too, not sure what... But the title of the frag is right on, and that is what you get... a woody, leathery chypre, and another really amazing attar I will be happy to have in my collection!
D.C. (USA)