Oud Product

Borneo Symphony

After falling in love with our wildly popular East Kalimantan LTD, I knew I had to get more oud oil from the same region in Borneo.

Distilled from wild-harvested incense-grade agarwood, Borneo Symphony has the broadest scent spectrum of all the Borneos we've carried. When I first smelled it, I was surprised. It was like I was smelling all the previous Borneos we've sold all at the same time.

Borneo Symphony captures the wild jungly character of Borneo Jewel, and has the fresh citrusy kick of Oud Malinau and Jiwa Borneo. If you thought an oud just couldn't get any woodier than our Borneo Hutan, think again. Borneo Symphony has an intense woody aroma that will satisfy your wildest wood crave. And since it was, after all, distilled from agarwood collected from the same region as East Kalimantan LTD, you will find the same addictive sweet cola note found in the former in this oil as well.

Think nutmeg, citrus, ozone, resin, and dry woodiness. Now imagine an oil so rich and potent that one drop will be enough to scent you for the whole day.

Bold yet smooth, bright and fresh yet dark and woody, let Borneo Symphony give you an all-in-one Borneo experience.

It smells overwhelmingly wonderful... quite intoxicating!!!
H.A. (USA)

I did a light swipe on my wrist area at around 9am and I can still smell it 14 hours later! In fact it smells better than it has all day!
B.B. (USA)

Your Borneo Symphony is great. It is for me a lot richer, and darker than other Borneo oil I've sampled.
J.S. (USA)