Oud Product

Hindi Brut

To say this is a departure from the norm is an understatement. Hindi Brut is so different from our usual Indian oud offerings that its probably more appropriate to put it in a different category altogether.

Distilled from wild-harvested Indian agarwood, this oil was distilled using the traditional Indian cooking method but with the exception of ensuring that only the pristine fractions of the oil were collected and that the lower-grade fractions were avoided; something that can't be said about typical traditional Indian oud oils.

What you have here is pure funk. Unabashed, screaming bold, teeth-numbing... beautiful funk.

Animalics are undoubtedly the key feature of this oil. Tawny leather envelops the entire scent spectrum from beginning to end. Opening with a burst of wood, leather, sweet hay, loam and dark chocolate, the animalic notes tone down a little after an hour or so. Spices, bittersweet almonds, burnt sugar and surprising (but subtle) fruity notes surface. The drydown of this oil boasts the unmistakable aroma that is the reason behind the existence of oud addicts.

Hindi Brut is not for the faint of heart. It is very similar to Hindi Qademe, but 3x stronger. Its not recommended to be worn to work, nor for a close gathering of friends (fellow oud addicts are an exception).
This oil is meant for your olfactory delight.

If you get light-headed sniffing this oil, don't panic. Just sit back and allow the oud to do its job: to take your mind to a different space.

Every time I wear it I discover something new about its fragrance. I guess that's just my nose adjusting to the smell.
I also now understand and can smell the quality difference between hindi brut and my other Hindis I had we talked about. After wearing it yesterday it all became clear, the quality excelled and i could feel it in the air all around me. Top quality Oud and was most definite the pristine fractions of the distillation.
O.P. (UK)

I really enjoyed it especially the leather scent, it's very strong, I also brought back memories of an outdoor wood fire on a cold winters day. After a short while picked up scent of wood burning. Great oud.
- Customer

The Hindi Brut is magnificent, such a shocker.
R.O. (USA)

This stuff is awesome - a great classic Hindi with a full blast of leather and loam that rumbles on for hours. The funk is rich, clean and addictive. There is a hint of the caramel that augments many of your Hindi oils of late, giving a sweetness and deliciousness just under the surface. I've taken your advice to stay away from other people when wearing this one, so am just finding things to do at home - anointing myself with Hindi Brut and strutting around like the king of funk! :)
R.S. (Australia)

The Hindi Brut is amazing. When I first put it on, it was the first time I'd ever really understood that some oils are best not worn among the general public - it almost growled, haha. I took it as a sign of amazing things to come, and I was not disappointed. It developed into a rich, chocolatey, and deep headspace that I will enjoy exploring further. Interestingly, at the end it became dry and almost bitterly earthy. Truly unique in my collection!
M.S. (USA)

Animalic, black, leather, dark chocolate, rich, strong and powerful oil. Do not be afraid, on the contrary.
T.H. (France)

Bro it is amazing. It lasts on cloth for days and it's notes are all in the right places.
A.G. (Canada)

J'ai également beaucoup apprécié Hindi Brut, mais il est vrai que pour l'entourage, il n'est pas cool ;). Attendre au moins 1 heure, avant qu'il ne devienne plus docile. C'est effectivement un oud à apprécier en solitaire, du moins pour les notes de tête.
Merci pour ces plaisirs olfactifs !
J.M.S. (France)

Yessssss, have the Brut on now. I am officially a hoarder. Don't want to run out of this.
C.G. (USA)