Oud Product


A fine Cambodian agarwood oil with a broad scent spectrum and a pleasing aroma, this Agar Aura exclusive reminds us what a Cambodian oil ought to smell like.

The typical Cambodian oud oil you will come across online either has a sharp acetone-like scent or a muddled aroma devoid of any character. As for the typical so-called 'Kamboudi' oils of the popular Gulf companies, they have little to do with Cambodian oud aside from the name slapped onto the bottles. They smell more like burnt rubber, have a pungent fecalness, and are blended with cutting agents and fixatives.

This oil shares nothing in common with such oils.

Calambac starts off with a slightly nutty, buttery-smooth classic Cambodian aroma, with sweet fruity undertones and a hint of leather. It's woody, woody, woody. It is the scent of the color black, if colors had scents.

Compared to most fruity Cambodian specimens, Calambac is deeper, quiter and more sombre. The fruity notes are there, but they always take the back seat. As the scent unfolds, subtle hints of honey and wild flowers, and a musky sweetness emerge.The one word that comes to mind when describing its scent is: elegant.

Need we even mention how long the scent lasts?

If you've been craving a woody, refined oud that has no offensive notes, you're going to love this addictive oil!