Oud Product

L'Essentiel Cambodgien

You asked for it, you got it!
100% wild-harvested Koh Kong oud, singin' all the right crowd-pleasing notes.

L'essentiel Cambodgien is our first ever steel-cooked Cambodian oud release, and although it was supposed to be preceded by our costliest ever Cambodian oud (another steel brew), the time for this release was most fitting right now.

For all intensive purposes, L'essentiel Cambodgien is just about the most perfumey - yet pure - wild oud you'll ever encounter. For starters, its Cambodian. Then there's the fact that oily wood was used; that alone will bring out plenty of perfumey notes (these simpler aromatic compounds are more easily liberated from lighter-hued, less resin-clad wood). Now amplify that prettiness with all the 'right' tweaks (the soak, the pot, the condenser, the source of heat), and...
you got yourself an oud you thought should cost more. Much, much more.

Scrumptious dried fruit notes juxtaposing rugged sharp woodiness, moister in the opening but developing into a dry oudiness (as all genuine wild Koh Kong ouds should), subtle sprinkle of spices, even a hint of florals. Prettiness-wise you'd almost think this is Pursat oud, almost.

Considering its value for money, L'essentiel Cambodgien is an oud you will not regret grabbing a bottle (or two) of.