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Cantik Candan

Cantik Candan - pronounced 'chun-tik chun-dun' is one very special oud oil. Co-distilled from 70% Candan agarwood and 30% Malaccensis agarwood, this oud is so complete in every way that you'll have a tough time finding anything lacking in it.

Trees of the Candan species of agarwood grow in clusters at the feet of mountains and hill tops. They are significantly taller than other types of agarwood trees, but they are much narrower and the amount of resinated heartwood that is found in them is far less as well. This of course makes the overall cost per kilogram of the harvested wood more expensive.

The harvest may be smaller (quantity-wise), but the sheer quality of Candan's aroma beats all other types of agarwood. A drop of Cantik Candan is three times more potent than other ouds, and its amazing richness and depth are simply unparalleled.

If you have never smelled real Cambodian oud of the yesteryears - not the 'Cambodi' ouds you can easily acquire today which are actually of Thai origin - then you'll be pleased to know that Cantik Candan's aroma is astonishingly similar.

Opening with a powerful sweet resinous woody note accompanied by mouthwatering guava, leading to a warm honey note with subtle accents of henna and saffron. The top and heart notes would make you think you've stumbled across a long lost bottle of vintage Cambodian oud.
Beautiful notes of warmed cocoa and candied tobacco emerge as the oil develops on your skin some more. The raw material was distilled in copper apparatus, so needless to say there are some very pretty floral and fruity hints as well - ripe plum flesh, dark cherries, and a hint of sweet wild flowers being the most prominent.

Did we mention how powerful it is? Apply some Cantik Candan, and within moments a person 20 feet away will catch a whiff of your aura.

100% wild ancient agarwood, 100% high grade. 100% guaranteed to satisfy.

Raw materials procured in Johor, close to the Pahang border. Distilled in very rare and prized Cambodian copper-alloy pots crafted nearly a century ago.

Cantik candan is also another  favorite. Trying it slowly to enjoy it throughout the day. Wonderful for me. I love the strong woody smell.
S.K. (Australia)

holy smokes! It's hands down the cleanest, clearest, best oud oil I've ever smelled.
C.S. (USA)

I wore Cantik Candan today for the entire day and really like its strong but not offensive complex woody, and sometimes powdery and slightly floral, masculine scent.
M.C. (Hong Kong)

Have tried the Kemegahan and Cantik Candan so far and loved both, but I must say Cantik Candan is from a different world! :) Absolutely terrific oud!
S.S. (USA)

I was thinking of placing another order of Cantik Candan.. This one is just too addictive! I can confidently say that this is Oud has probably the best top and base note that I have ever smelled!! Absolutely amazing!
S.S. (USA)

Step through the portal that is Cantik Candan and enter another world...
Your sandaled feet tread a wide dirt road between fields such verdant green they can only be rice paddies. The air embraces you, warm and still, but now here comes a tiny breeze, trailing scents of something spicy... vanilla. The silence is broken by the unmistakeable clanking of wooden bells that grace the necks of great, gentle water buffalo; tinkling laughter and chatter of brown-limbed children; cicadas humming in the branches of the occasional spreading tree. Your feet kick up soft dust; it tickles your nostrils like the sweetest baby powder. You catch whiffs of smoke, wafting from a nearby field house... someone is roasting peppers. The sky is so blue, but looming on the horizon are burgeoning clouds of purple gray, pregnant with storm. Rain is coming; you can smell it in the air.
Welcome to the adventure...
Cantik Candan is the most combination of oud I’ve yet had the pleasure of experiencing. Spicy, woody, sweet, smokey, dusty, a tiny bit of fruity flower. And I promise, there are moments when I thought something was burning nearby; nope, the bubbling scent of heated oud chips on my wrist!
This oil last for hours (overnight even!), and there’s not a split second that isn’t pure pleasure.
Cantik is perfection.
I wore it on my wrist again (for the fifth time in as many days) last night, and my nose just wouldn’t leave my arm. I love, love, love this oil.
C.M. (USA)

It's a lighthearted, aristocratic individual.
A.J. (Saudi Arabia)

This oil is everything I had hoped it would be and more. It's very potent and resinous with great projection and longevity. I love the sweet tobacco and leathery notes. As well as the classic Cambodian scents. This oil is like a mixture of two of your greatest oils; Oud Kampuchea and Sempurna. The best of both worlds!
M.J. (USA)

The Cantik is a really mighty oil. I like it, from my first two trials. It has a highly interesting note that I can only describe thus: "as if licorice was vanilla". It is the strongest and "darkest" vanilla note I have ever experienced.
T.S. (Germany)

Very smooth and calming to my senses.
K.W. (USA)

One crazy thing about this oil is that I can smell it as soon as I apply a drop even when my nose isn’t anywhere near my wrist. I think it’s one of the richest oils I’ve come across- both on my skin and nose-to-the-bottle-opening :-) In the bottle the oil smells so saturated, so condensed, that I can’t wait to put some on so it can let loose and breathe! The most prevalent note is thick and balsamic with accompanying accents of leather and licorice, and there’s a surprising burst of twiggy freshness that’s most noticeable when I first swipe it. I think it’s kind of cool that even though the oil is sweet there isn’t any swishy femininity about it- it’s very robust and powerful. It manages to feel substantial, heavy and deep without being grave, it’s sweet without being coy and it’s very rich without being ostentatiously glamorous. It makes me think of a stand of balsams piercing the snow, raging campfires, cratered earth, bitter chocolate, fizzy Coke and a worn, pummeled baseball glove. Despite it’s youth there's so much substance and complexity to this oil, and it already goes through so many transformations on the skin, I can only imagine that it’s going to become better and better as it mellows and matures with age.
M.W. (USA)

No "getting used to" necessary here, this is heaven in a bottle. What an amazing and beautiful scent! And very rich, so much going on in it. I especially note rich chocolate and coffee. It's easy to see why it is so highly prized.
M.S. (USA)

I liked the oil quite a bit. It's a very unusual oil - the opening has that tart "guava" note you'd expect from what Ensar refers to as classic Cambodi (not the sweet fruity caramel most people associate with "Cambodi" having tried the recent Thai oils marketed as Cambodi). It also has a very light and etherial Borneosque top note component, and even though the two personas of this oil (Cambodi and Borneo) don't blend into one, they play very harmoniously with each other, creating an impression of a very unusual (obviously) union but still a perfectly matched one. The Cambodi element recedes somewhat as the oil dries down so the Borneo aspect becomes dominant, but there's still a nice Cambodi afterglow in the heart and base part of the spectrum. The drydown is not dissimilar to Sempurna, although I'd say it's more rounded and polished because of the Hirta presense. The oil is apparently still very fresh but I was surprised not to find much (if any) of the customary fresh notes. I think it will be awesome for when the weather finally warms up here, I am sure a bit of heat and humidity will make it absolutely explode.
I.T. (Canada)

As soon as I smelt it the first thing thing that came to mind was silky milk chocolate, I could feel the dopamine levels increasing in my brain and it kept pulling at my heart strings. Having this will complete the Malaysian collection. This will be the true definition of the 3 musketeers (Sempurna, Kemegahan and Cantik).
M.D (UK)

It is a lovely one. Bravo, you hit this one out of the Park.
H.S. (USA)