Oud Product

Royal Chen Xiang

Heard a lot about the legendary agarwood Kinam/Kyara, but never experienced it?
Or perhaps you already have a stash of it, love it, and wish you had an oud oil that smelled like it.

Either way, Royal Chen Xiang will give you reason to rejoice.

This is the closest thing I have ever smelled to the aroma of gently heated kinam, but in the form of an oil.

Opening with an otherwordly ethereal and serene quality, it is instantly reminiscent of powdered red kinam that Chinese agarwood aficionados often carry with them for medicinal use... and for times when they need to get their minds into a different space, and zone out from the stresses of life.

Deeply penetrating yet gentle and smooth, upon application Royal Chen Xiang first unfurls sweet 'green' woody notes, immediately followed by the soporific combination of honey, vanilla and sweet condensed milk -- a combination I have smelled in every kinam I have ever tried, and yet don't hear mentioned too often. And there's that sweet almost-like-baby-powder aroma as well, like a cross between iris and coumarin. Again, something I always detect in all genuine kinams and yet don't hear any mention of (perhaps out of fear of being accused of sacrilege).

Royal Chen Xiang is 100% Burmese oud, extracted from great agarwood no doubt, but certainly not kinam. So why the surreal similarity to kinam?

As you know, Agar Aura has been investing a lot of time into scientifying the art of distillation. We have discovered numerous techniques for amplifying certain scent notes more than others, and in the case of this oil, the unique extraction techniques directly resulted in achieving this aroma. That, and the fact that I believe the raw material was Aquilaria Sinesis, which many Chinese sifus believe to be one of the few agarwood species that have the ability to produce kinam.

So, by carefully designing the extraction process to naturally increase the concentration of the desired aromatic compounds, and applying it to Aquilaria Sinesis raw materials, we got an oil that is in my humble opinion the closest thing to the scent of kinam.

Shwe Myitkyina, our first product from Burma, was the definition of classic Burmese oud. Then came Ahmwei-Do and Taw-Twin Yatanar, and the unique distillation techniques used for crafting them unlocked the doors to some of the inner dimensions of agarwood from Burma.
Royal Chen Xiang kicks all the doors down and takes your senses to places never before trod by oud oils.

I compared a swipe of RCC to an actual sliver of Yamadamatsu Kyara gently heated and it is pretty dead-on with deep inhalations.
C.C. (USA)

There's something compelling and mysterious about it - keeps drawing me back for a sniff.
J.B. (USA)

Allow me to say that Royal Chen Xiang is LITERALLY an out of this world oud. The Kyara vibe is rinning in the background and sending waves of green airiness,  menthol, zest and peace the kind of which I only experienced with […], and this one surpasses it by going the extra mile of selling it for a faaaar reasonable price!
A.J. (Saudi Arabia)

Having tried Myitkyina and Yanatar before, am amazed how the same Burmese (yes believeably) A. Sinesis in RCX brings out yet another wonderful Kyara personality to this oud!
L.L. (Singapore)

Getting wiffs of kinam from my beard :D
F.A. (U.K.)

"Royal Chen Xiang" has such a peaceful and somehow "royal" vibe to it - it is so sublime, immediate tranquility, like a warm summer breeze.. Very earthy, wise sort of energy.. A strong green note in this one - took me a bit to decide "yea, I like this" - and now, I love it!
J.M. (USA)

I like starting like that, it gives me a general idea about the oil.
What I got was a softest, enigmatic, most unusual oud, it took 20 min to open up and it felt like falling upwards through clouds.
moments frozen in time
like smelling a real live flower up-close with amazing clarity. You inhale and the world stops. And it's somehow inside out, just don't ask what it means, don't know. Very personal oil, one you want to keep for yourself.
German chamomille
Whiffs of smoke
Whiffs of tuberose. It could be Bhutanese, by the lightness and soft sweetness.
A.A. (Croatia)

p.s. every time I reach for Royal Chen, I stop myself and think, oh no it's too precious, I should refrain from using it as to keep it indefinitely...
A.A. (Croatia)

I received the samples you sent a couple days ago and I am thoroughly intrigued by them all. One in particular really captivated me. That being the Royal Chen Xiang. I am writing to request a full bottle of this elixir. Preferably in the plain glass bottle. This is one oil I can't pass up!
The scent is beautiful and captivating! It is also very deep and seems to reach right to the core of my being. When it gets there it has a very calming and centering effect. Great for introspection and meditation. I am picking up the powdery notes and the vanillin. I also get hints of tree sap, dandelion, and a subtle hint of sweet cigar. Very impressed with this one!
M.J. (USA)

Subhanallah such an exquisite specimen your chen xiang, intoxicating!
A.A. (Australia)

I had what I can only describe as a transcendental experience!
B.H. (Ireland)

That Chen Xiang is wonderful…

T.H. (Canada)

Royal Chen Xiang…
Burst forth with the emerald scent of violet leaves
That struck my nose with pleasurable force
And closed my eyes without my knowing,
And sent me the image of a black bird, flying across a yellow sky.
(Don’t ask me why that happened or what it means;
Agarwood gives what it gives, and I receive it…
With gratitude and not too much question).
When things mellowed and the dust settled,
And I came back to earth
And took another sniff,
A floral bouquet sprung, like magic, from my wrist.
Then I smelled licorice,
And saw a bright light… a lightbulb light, the kind with an old fashioned chain,
And I thought the words,
“Sparkling Green”.
C.M. (USA)

The Royal...everytime I think I am starting to understand the undergoes some serious progression revealing its complexity and I stand wondering. At some point I start to get notes of the Yanatar but then the scent rises to deliver it's olfactory haymaker in a 'higher way'. I can almost taste it when I put my nose to it...
T.H. (Dubai)

Bro the royal chen Xiang,  I'm lost for words!  fantastic job you done with that,  the littlest of swipe got me buzzing
A.U. (UK)