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Oud Chypre

Oud Chypre is an extremely oud-heavy blend, but is finely balanced with other aromatic oils in a classic 'chypre' structure.

Bright notes of rose and grapefruit greet your nose when you first apply this oil, with dark and soft bitter-woody notes grounding and taming the top notes. Oud from the eastern part of Borneo island serves as the base for the oil, alongside cedar, patchouli and mossy foresty notes.

The drydown of the oil is an almost exclusively Borneo oud scent, nicely intertwined with Lignum Vitae (tree of life). The oil is perfect for people who are more accustomed to perfumes of the French/Western tradition and have not yet become fully acquainted and comfortable with wearing oud on its own. The oud comes out slowly, so the wearer will not have to worry about the boldness of oud's opening note.

Of East and West, Oud Chypre brings you the best!

Please note that since only ingredients derived from natural sources were used, natural oakmoss extract (a crucial part of chypre fragrances) is part of this blend. Allergies to oakmoss are mild and extremely rare, but do exist.

This is perhaps the most amazing chypre I've ever tried. In fact, this puts all other "leather chypres" to shame! The opening rose and grapefruit is stunning and the basic "chypre" middle notes are extraordinary, very woodsy and mossy, smelling almost like the inside of a very old chest. Finally, as the oud begins to show, I'm getting notes of leather, very rich, dark, supple leather. I wouldn't buy this because of the oud but because this completely pushes the boundaries of chypre construction.
C.S. (USA)

Oud Chypre is great! The top notes of rose and grapefruit are nice but the drydown where the Borneo oud and oakmoss shine.
A.Z. (USA)